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Ventriloquist dummy Slappy has just been banished from Earth and is sent to a different planet. Slappy ends up in Equestria after 10 years. Fluttershy finds him and reads the cursed words. Now every single pony is in danger of being harmed.

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i used to watch Goosebumps and i think it's brillant in every way, keep up the good work:raritywink:

3132036 I knew there were goosebumps fans out there! I will keep the story going! :pinkiehappy:


Slappy eh? Well, time to relive a childhood, brb.

3133283 You know the new story Son of Slappy actually came out. Goosebumps most wanted series. READ IT IT'S AMAZING

Word of advice, if you want to be creeped out when reading this story, listen to this song while reading this story.
I did, and it added a special kind of effect to the story. It added a creepiness effect, which in a story about a living dummy, is somewhat needed. But yes, listen to this song when reading this story to increase creepiness effect.

3133326 i already got creeped out and I didn't even press play (picture). Although the music sounds awesome! Not the slightest of creepy.


I know(it's Legend of Zelda music, a-duh!) but when reading the story, and listening to this at the same time, it adds to the effect, trust me, please:fluttershysad:

3133350 ...OH GOD YOU JUST MADE ME SCARED OF MY OWN STORY. :rainbowlaugh:


Uh.... It was Sombra all along! (I don't know what to do Discord! *Discord* Just leave! *Me* OK!) *disappears into a thick fog, to possibly be heard from again*

I'm sending my horrors to chase you down along with my scarecrows and possessed people wearing masks and the guards from terror tower.

cool story love it :pinkiehappy:

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"...I know you can do it. I know you can beat my brother, Slappy."

was this on the note, something is watching, or what

How does Slappy keep coming into my life?!

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