Internet, Home of the spam.

by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX


[The NEXT Morning]

Okay now I'm starting to see that this isn't going to end well for me... So far I got kicked in the face and my head er... mane lit on fire... Today is when my computer will get that "virus"... And tomorrow is when my abilities should disappear... BUT! These are just coincidences! JUST WATCH! I'll protect my computer with major firewalls!

"Come on! Just 5% more..." I stared at the screen as the firewalls were being activated.

"Uh... Luna?" Celestia was going to say something but I hushed her before she said anything else.


*Goes back 5%*

"WHAT THE HECK?!" I slammed my hoof on the keyboard and the firewall was finished.

"Phew... NOW NO VIRUS CAN GET PASS MY FIREWALL!!!" I did a little victory dance before Celestia ruined everything.

"Um... Luna... I don't think firewall means to literally put a firewall around the computer."

"Oh..." Next thing I knew a website popped up on the screen.

You are an idiot! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

"That awkward moment when it's true."

"Shut up Celestia."

It's midnight and no viruses have been detected by the security on my computer... Huh maybe those last incidents was just bad luck. At least that was what I thought until the security on my computer detected a virus.


"What the?" I tapped the computer to see if it was just a glitch. The screen then fixed itself.

Virus fixed.

"HAH! TAKE THAT STUPID VIRUS!" I yelled at the computer.

"LUNA SHUT YOUR TRAP! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Celestia yelled from her room.

"Oops." If you are wondering what Celestia what do if I don't listen then you are obviously not paying attention.

Would you like to take our free survey?

"Since when do I take surveys! In fact since when did my computer ask me to take a survey?" I observed the site a little more before closing it.

"Time for the troll to strike!" I then went to Ponytube, Signed in, and well you know.

"Okay who's my first victim..." I searched for ponies to troll but it seemed that there was a lack of idiotic ponies today.

Buy our pudding for one pony and we'll give you another free!

"Hm... How about NO!" I then clicked the advertisement out and went back to trolling.

'Why Singing is Overrated'

[insert video here]

Top Comments:

Mr: \/|RU$: Thats right Luna! Singing is Overrated! Instead go to this website for a free laptop! [Insert random website name] 71 likes

Luna: @Mr. \/|RU$: I never said anything. And besides I'm not going to fall for that. It's just a fake website giving you a virus. And you're just a spambot. 51 likes

"Wow this is really getting serious. Maybe it's some other troll." I then typed in the website name in and pressed enter.

[Name changes to]

"You are an idiot! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

"NO!!!!! THIS ISN"T FAIR!" It looks like a consistent streak of not being trolled has been broken... Then somewhere in the hallway I could hear stomping. Oh shoot it's Celestia.

"Turn the computer off." Celestia said to me.

"But-" Celestia cut me off before I got to finish my sentence.

"I don't care! TURN IT OFF!"



"OW!" I screamed in pain from that smack. WHY ARE ALICORN SMACKS SO POWERFUL?!

"TURN IT OFF NOW!" Celestia yelled.

"Okay you stupid ding dong." I muttered to myself.

"And for that you won't get your computer back!" Celestia then took the computer and started to move to her room.

"Wait no! GIVE IT BACK!" I chased after her but for some strange reason she had a barrier around her.

"If you won't listen then you don't deserve to have a computer."

"Celestia stop! THAT HAS ALL MY PERSONAL STUFF ON THERE!" Celestia stopped and turned around to look at me.

"Does it look like I care?"


"Exactly. And Life is more important then your internet shenanigans." Celestia then turned back around and went inside her room. On her back was a piece of paper saying VIRUS.

"Virus... Okay now it makes sense! WAIT A SECOND."

"Ugh IT'S SO BOOOOOOORING!!!!!" I rolled around on the floor for a while before deciding to go do my regular routine. No I think I'll do something different.

"I know! I'll just use Twilight's computer!" It was settled so I flew off and went to Twilight's.

"Celestia won't notice a thing!" The plan was perfect as well. Not until I Twilight's that I saw her with a letter.

"Oh come on! Please don't tell me Celestia sent you that letter." I stared at Twilight in the eye...

"On the contrary. I got this letter from Derpy."


"That was from Celestia."


"What did you do?"

"Wait did you read the letter?"

"Yes all it said was DON'T LET LUNA USE YOUR COMPUTER."

"That Celestia is a smart one!" I stood there thinking of what to do. I then decided to just go sleep.

"Well I guess there's nothing left to do here."

"See ya."

Okay looking back on what happened in these past days I've noticed that the chainmail is all real. So me dying on Friday is scary... Wait what's on Thursday? Ah... I forgot it...