• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Fluttering Hearts and Thundering Moans - adcoon

One day Thunderlane went to see Fluttershy about a weasel. It was the best decision of his life, as any straight stallion would agree, because naturally this could only end in romance and wild, hot sex on their first date. Oldest story there is.

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Comments ( 15 )

Clopfic by adcoon? I approve. <3

I disapprove of the "Roseluck" name though. >:|

Well, I hope it lives up to expectations :derpytongue2: What's wrong with Roseluck, though?

My god it was extremely painful not to clop to this while reading it. 10/10

You should think about this getting put into "Cream of the clop".

It did! :3

And the name is just sounds stupid and is a relic from the 80s. Her name is just Rose everywhere else!

Thanks :twilightsmile: I've yet to really pay much attention to the groups around here, to be honest. I tend to not worry about them. I got the impression at one point that they're not very useful, and it's sort of stuck in my mind

Eh, I like it as her full name, with Rose being the common short form that most ponies call her by.


Then my point it's that's its a really good story :3


We need more clopfics like this one

This made me cry and makes me laugh no horny though:rainbowderp: that's scary good scary through

ewww for condoms
Liked it otherwise.


I know right, It was kinda a boner killer but oh well :pinkiehappy:

Whenever I feel sad I read this… anyone else find that weird?

Very good! A nice build up for their relationship leading up to the (no pun intended) climax. Have a fave

the description said they both have an orgasm but i only see thunderlane having one :(

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