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Angel is the adorable chosen pet of Fluttershy. But why is he so special? What happened with the bunny that he was placed in a special part of the yellow Pegasus's heart? It was just a peaceful day in the forest, nothing was supposed to go wrong. However, nature had other plans in mind as it brought these two together.

Written also in part by Lucefudu. He made up the plot in FIVE SECONDS FLAT. So if you like the story, don't look at only me, take a gander at his works as well.

(Featured on EqD)

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Success. I request Angle emoticon. NOW:twilightangry2:

Wow, I hope someone reads my story before they get to yours, that's the only way I'd beat this story

How am i supposed beat this! It cant be done!
this is great, it was so sweet and so sad at the same time! if this dose not win any top 3 I will be really mad..

Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap,

Take it. Take my vote and all of my D'awwww. :fluttercry:

Five. Seconds. Flat! :rainbowdetermined2:

Stalin is pleased. Stalin is happy to see such comprehensive, detailed descriptions. Stalin defenetely likes your writing style.
While some characters are slightly of character (Rainbow Dash's "I need you" for example) the story is well-put and fancinating. Stalin is looking forward to see the continuation of the story. You have recieved Stalin's Mark of approval, pioneer. Keep the good work.

:moustache: Stalin command you to dance!

So... Based on that one comic with the Diamond Dog and Angel's dead mother? :applecry:

Tracking. Will read later.

D'awwwwwww. :pinkiehappy:

That was pretty cute and pretty well written, you get a hoofs-up from me.

That being said, I think you could have gotten some more interesting story out by touching on why Angel has such a bad attitude at times.

Still, good work overall, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Even the Fury of the Tempest sheds tears when reading this story.

I actually enjoyed this story, and I felt it high quality enough to add to our group's archive, High Quality Fictions You are welcome to join.

As Stalin suggested, Rainbow Dash seems a little bit off, but despite this little quirk, it's a very solid fic. I don't know why I felt so sad reading it, but fortunately it ended with a happy end. :twilightsmile:

PS. In "Putting Your Hoof Down" Angel Bunny was portrayed like la little dick. I like your version of him so much better. :raritywink:

This was a very touching origin story I approve.

I loved this story.

Definitely in my top fanfics. It is such a beautiful story (should be canon ^^)
Just, read it if you are reading this. It is perfect. :yay:


I don't have a whole lot to say about this story other than that it is horribly mis-tagged. I cannot think of any interpretation of this story that would make it a tragedy. A tragedy is a story in which the protagonist ultimately fails at whatever they were attempting to achieve, be it survival or some other goal. Angel and Fluttershy not only survive, but the experience makes them close friends. This is pretty much the reverse of a tragedy.

The only part of the narrative that seems dubious to me is the part where Pinkie says she used her pinkie sense to precisely locate Angel, but I can see where this would come from given that she did seem to be inexplicably aware of the locations involved in her predictions (such as froggy bottom bog) during "Feeling Pinkie Keen". There are a few technical issues with the prose, (Things like "She lied down on the wet Earth" instead of "She lay down on the wet earth") but I can generally overlook those as long as the intent is fairly obvious.

Anyway, this isn't my favorite story on this site, nor is it quite what I expected from a group called "High Quality Fictions", but it is a nice origin story that I think makes an acceptable canon.

Man, that is a very nice story!

Amazing. Simply amazing. I consider this a work of art. One of the best fanfics I've ever read.

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