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After years and years of abuse, Ditzy Doo has had enough. She is tired of Everypony making fun of her and treating her as if she is nothing more than the town fool. She needs her revenge, and she has the perfect idea.
Thank you to my friends Spyro Izuki and Jiropracter for proofreading!
Credit for the cover picture goes to PureImmaturity.

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I would be crying right now if my friend wasn't behind me. Incredible, absolutely flawless, and amazingly written. Bravo.

This is one of the best story's I have ever read I my life time:derpyderp2:
I is so happy:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by ditzydoo deleted Jan 1st, 2013

too bad nopony was killed in the fire:pinkiesad2:

I honestly don't think that Derpy (ditzy) would be able to do something like this, i like the idea and think that it worked out great, although you could have chosen a better pony. I don't think that fluttershy would have even considered laughing at derpy, just because she is such a shy and nice pony.

8/10 would definitely re-read.

... they deserved it and much more, ditzy doo, the true fastest flier in all of equis, flew up, into space, even though her ears had popped, she kept going. not breathing, her fur glowing in the starlight, the only thoughts in her head were "i curse you, i curse you... i curse all of you!" she went past the last planet, and still shot through space, her eyes focused, on the point infront of her. what she didn't see was an object heading for her, the subtle "wooshing" noise impossible in the airless environment. then she heard it, with a woodsplintering crash, she burst through it, and entered a place full of odd machines. " what?"
"where am i?"
" i said 'where am i?' are you hard of hearin- huh, i can breath. interesting... and upon further inspection, this would appear to havwe a spatial indifferance module as well as a stuck chameleon shield. oh, and a perception filter, meh, a pretty low tech one at least. ah well, back to shooting across space. sorry about the damage to your space and time machine" she rambles
"what?!" the pony asks, looking at the strange pegasus in front of him. "how did you know all that?! and how are you here?!"
sighing she looks at the man "it's obvious, especially with the whole 'smaller on the outside' thing. anyways, i must get back to cursing stars and other celestial bodies... fare well good sir." she replys, and jumps out the hole.
"that was wierd, oh well, he seemed nice and didn't laugh at my eyes... i don't curse him" she says, returning to her linear path.
"wait! i never got your name! i'm the doctor by the way!" the pony yells, his box keeping pace.
"ditzy doo! now leave me to die doctor!" she screams, when a sharp prick hits her neck, she slumps into sleep.
"and sarah jane smith said a blow dart was a stupid purchase!" the pony says, pulling the prone pegasus towards him.

... holy crud! i just wrote that off the top of my head! fancy that! well i know what my next progect will be!

I'm crying!! :raritycry:
asj'sib;si keep writiing please oh my god

I wish everone know this lesson sadly some don't. :(

3342649 interesting...
this comme...NO! bad program!

5566272 yup, I have a strange talent

5569034 Yeah, but it also means I get banned from sites for RP'ing so... it's a mixed blessing

5580102 well i get banned all the time for reasons called PONY POSTS DUM DUM DUUUM! I shall never live that down! Neeveeeeeeeeer! for Rp'ing though. well one time but to be fair i was really anoying

5580597 I guess that makes sense

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5583553 ill see you later good chap, and dont reply to this this the last one

1848642 Exactly! :flutterrage::twilightangry2: (uncontrollable rage)

430234 I doubt Derpy would have it in her, especially since she has children, and she wouldn't want to hurt them.

8/10 overall.

There's always a "What-If" to these things but the deal here is, the learned a hard lesson. They know what it's like to feel sorrow like that on a grand-scale just Like Ditzy.

Serves you right fools.

430234 this reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode where the unsub was also bullied by the entire town to the point that they beat him near death at the beginning of the episode he trapped a group of people in the theater along with their children chained up the doors and set the whole place on fire while listening to their cries of pain before leaving

545737 you would be surprised at what some people are capable of doing People Are People and they change they don't stay consistent

Love the story because so deep in feeling and in the eye of her. please make more story's like this.

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