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There's some things we wish we can change, some things that linger with us for awhile. And sometimes, when we're alone crying, those terrible deeds come to haunt us, causing us to see things we that seek out our most vulnerable emotions. One griffon sits alone, waiting for something or somepony to come for her, to come help her. Yet, what she get's isn't what she suspects.

Clipart by: http://nostalgiagamerjs.deviantart.com/art/Shed-Your-Tears-JackleApp-Tribute-294556683

(This story was a short for Easter that has nothing to do with Easter, as a present to my fans. It's based off of JackleApps's "Winter" It really isn't that good in my opinion, but It's better than nothing. It's honestly refreshing to write something new after so long working with re-writing stories. I hope you guys like this story, please leave a comment below letting me know how I did.)

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Actually, this just seems like a rehashing of a lot of other Gilda fate fics. Interesting at first, but it didn't really survive a closer inspection.

I suggest going about reading similar fics, and making some attempt to add a bit of uniqueness, even a subversion, to this.

First! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Not first. :pinkiesad2:

She felt like just laying their <<< there.
Also, this was sad :( Very nice fic.

I'm sorry dude, but saying first on anything really rustles my jimmies.

On a more positive note I was pleasantly surprised by this story. You made effective use of imagery and had a powerful underlying theme of sadness. The pathetic fallacy that was the snowstorm fit well with Gilda's internal conflict. Although you may have intended this to be a one-shot I would love to see an update. Have a favorite, you've earned it.

wow... is there any chance you'll do write a sequal to this?

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