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Lets the epicness begin! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Very nice, I enjoyed reading this. 5/5:pinkiehappy:

Well... That grants a euphoria, to be sure.

hello another story from liquid_rainbows this is going to be good

I enjoyed this very much. That's all I have to say. :moustache:

229946 you mean. Up vote?:pinkiehappy:

like alway's a satisfing clop fic

i enjoyed
now bring me a sequel
make it good my friend
that is all

In the words of Lil' Miss JAY: "She knows how to show a pony a good time."

That was actually my inspiration for that line! :rainbowlaugh:

230253 So you read his tumblr too?
I'd ask if there is something you would like to tell us, but I am pretty sure everything is out in the open right now.





How many dollars is "fifty bits"?

230297 At the current conversion rate, that puts this number in the ballpark of "A lot of money."

I dare you to guess what that is from.

I got here:pinkiesmile:
I read :rainbowhuh:
I laughed:rainbowlaugh:
I clopped:twilightblush:
I came:trollestia:

I don't know why but I couldn't help but read Rocky's dialogue in a sort of Deep cockney accent.

Good fic BTW

A good read, yes indeed!

I heard him in the voice of Doug Fieger from the Knack, since I was listening to them as I read this... And another clopfic.

I'm pretty okay with that.

How on earth did I find a way to clop to words?:rainbowhuh: The mysteries surrounding the enigma known as my mind continue to elude me... *fap*...:trollestia:

That was the best clop fic I've ever read in years :raritywink:

230388 Who are you, Zecora?

That's one show that needs a second performance.

I'd suggest this stallion finds Caramel, Big Mac, Pokey, or more friends so that this 'Great and Powerful' mare gets cut down to size.

(I'm tempted to just write that myself)

230297 Based on Applebloom's incident with Bon Bon, we know a bag of apples is four bits. In America, an apple tends to cost about 20 cents. If Bon Bon's bag contained 20 apples or so, that would insinuate that bits and American dollars are approximately on par.

Is $50 all it takes? Just curious.

that was good but try to refrain from words like uh cock n jizz, its better to say in words that describe it, just bringin out there:pinkiehappy:

So totally worth it!

Oh, that's nothing. If I actually get going, I can speak in rhyme all day. :rainbowlaugh:

When I was in tenth grade our instructor in English decided we'd be going into poetry for two weeks (maybe it was three...I don't recall the exact length) and made us watch The Dead Poets Society. After that it was like it had rubbed off on me. Every day at least twice a day I wrote a poem as inspiration struck me, and one of those days I spoke in rhyme the entire day. It was driving everyone but me nuts. Eventually I got stuck on 'orange' and it broke the 'curse'. :derpytongue2:
I think me and Zecora would get along quite well, although our rhyming speech might makes others think that they were in hell.
It would be funny, oh yes indeed: Snatching out sound match whenever our need!
We'd talk of our past years, and our family. Oh quite extensive, her ancestral tree! :pinkiegasp:
We'd speak of our homeland, so lovely and bright, and then of Nocturnal, the glorious night!
Point out constellations, those new and those old, each picture a story- a legend to unfold.
We'd compare our land's foodstuffs, from fresh to canned goods. "Beware the expire date, eat it soon, you should!"
But alas and sadness, this shall not occur, for we are forced separate, me and her.
Zecora of Mythica, and WorldWalker of Earth: this rhyming-speech story, now retires at the hearth.
And so now it ends, and I go to bed, and on my soft pillows, I (shall) lay mine head.
To one and all here, I wish a fond dream, and not a nightmare, that would make you scream.

Good night, Everypony! :rainbowkiss:

Wow that was awesome. I loved the ending. She earned that bag o' bits. :trixieshiftright:
Definitely will be watchin you... (that sounded creepier than it should have...)

230402 that tends to happen when you read the awesome works of the even more awesome Liquid_Rainbows. :ajsmug:

230741 another clop-tastic success of a story, by the way. Keep uP the work man! :rainbowwild:
(not rushing, but i cant wait for the one i requested) :pinkiehappy:


Simply fantastic. I want a sequel!

At $50 a session, I'd have her every night of the week! Great clop as always. I always look forward to clopping to one of your stories late at night when I have nothing else to do. Your clopfics are the highlight of every late night.:pinkiehappy:

230715 Much the same is I, with an amazing ability to rhyme, like such a pretty chime, in so little time! You and I are much the same, so let's keep playing this wonderful game. Then again, here the clock strikes midnight, and I struggle to stay upright. So as I rest my silly brain, don't let your hopes turn to grain, for I shall RETURN MUHAHAHAH.....zZzZzZ!

Wow, thanks. It means a lot! :pinkiehappy:

And thanks to everyone else's nice comments, too. Don't think I don't love all of you!

I'm a fan of Trixie, and you are by far one of the best clop-fic writers I've seen. Detail is everything in these things, and nopony understands that. Congrats, you earned a thumbs up.

230925*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* fap* *fap* CLIMAX!!!:yay: ...*huff*...*pant*...I'm sorry...*pant*...what were you saying?:rainbowhuh:

First thing i did reading the description was shout "RAPE!!!" , needless to say whole family was home...

still awesome story,no regrets :trollestia:

awesome oneshot clopfic it would indeed be interesting if there was a sequel to this:eeyup:

no, but fam-il-ly rhymes with tree, and fmaily was the word at the end of the first sentence of that line. (You did not read the whole sentence, no biggie)

Now this was good I say, but to clopfics i say neigh.

I rarely find a clopfic that isn't horrible.

Also for me to talk in rhyme, I just need more time.

230614 I agree, but also think he did a good job staying away from the vulgar stuff for the most part
one of the better clops i've read :moustache:

Giving up so soon?
:trollestia: : "To the mooon!"

And so onward we go, where it ends, who can know?
We play out this little game, a joy that in which bears no name.
How many shall take up the torches? We build a blaze so hot it scorches!
Alas a rhyme is easy to make, but making sense a good imagination it will take.
Creating nonsense yes may be fun, but in brief time the challenge is done!
And so I now finish this piece, and someone's turn receives release! :twilightsmile:

I love this story! Very well written, and full of good detail! It was an enjoyable story. :eeyup:
I like to read a good Trixie fic. :trixieshiftleft:

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