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Based on Wanderer D's Sweetie Chronicles and Amano Kozue's ARIA.

Neo-Venezia, A.D. 2307.

Life continues in the city of water that was built on miracles.
Aria company was faring wonderfully, with a budding Single and a blooming Prima at the helm.

Sweetie was at an impasse as she found herself over this world that was not made from hooves, but from hands. Why was she in Neo-Venezia? How was she to find her way?

An uninitiated would be easily lost in the currents of Neo-Venezia. Lucikly, Sweetie was not without help.

She would look for Twilight's fragment by exploring everyday wonders with gondoliers of the Aria company that were versed in the magic of friendship.

Another voyage of self-discovery in Neo-Venezia was about to begin.

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I was waiting for this, like, forever.

Well... talk about an off-the-wall crossover, ARIA isn't well known I think. Well I look forward to seeing more

Please be gentle with me.

I won't be gentle. I'm going to love this crossover savagely.

It's just too slow for some people to handle. If canals don't knock your socks off, then ARIA isn't your cup of tea.

I've watch a few episodes when it first showed up on this side of the Pacific (legally), and yes it is slow paced I do agree that is beautifully done.

dude... tree words so far... SO FUCKING AWERSOME...im a fan of Aria, it is a very touching anime and you (so far) have done a very decent crossover, love it and cant wait where the "cannali dela citta" would take us


PS: sorry about my writing, english isnt my mother language


Thank you. ARIA's setting is so well done that it almost writes itself.
(Too bad I don't have the skills to draw anywhere close to Amano-sensei. Sigh.)

I've been picking up the pieces, but I don't think I can put things together as they were.

Four-score men and Four-score more, Could not make Humpty Dumpty where he was before.

That's it. That's how I feel like. Things change regardless of what I do...

-Me, about EqG. :fluttercry:

EqG could have been better... I didn't go way with pure rage about it, but it's... not very well concluded. A lot of threads left hanging from it.
At least the romance wasn't the pile of filth that I went in expecting it to be. The trailer sucked.

Well, I ended up telling Wanderer D via PM. I'm sure he'd rather know about this story than not. (Of course he's kind of on a hiatus for a while, so it might take him a while before he reads the PM). Also, in the A/N at the end of your story you misspelled his name.

As for a small critique I have: I feel the story is extremely dialogue-heavy with very little description in between. I find the story not terribly engaging (seeing as I've only ever watched a single episode of Aria), I imagine that's because I don't have a firm understanding of who these characters are. I think the story could use a few more descriptions with a Sweetie perspective to them. Maybe, as she's floating down the canals at the beginning, she could be more frantic in her analysis of the situation. I think having her carry an air of expedience would play a fine counterpoint to the relative slow pace of the ARIA world. I think that difference could be highlighted and be a way of hooking readers that have never watched ARIA.

Also one particular part struck me as odd. When Sweetie is planning out her conversation in her head, she thinks: 'Hi! I am a talking unicorn!' It just doesn't make sense that she would include 'talking' in there. After all, unicorns always can talk. She's never known a place where they couldn't.

There were also a few grammar issues, and I found the single line paragraphs to be slightly jarring. Many of them were attributions to dialogue that should have just been included with the dialogue itself. Of course, it is your first fanfic, so it's understandable. In fact, I am absolutely stunned by how much you've written in so short a time frame, kudos on that anyway.

As an avid TSC fan I was intrigued by the story on that premise alone, but I'm not really a fan of ARIA, since it's a little too slow (I won't downvote or anything because of that). I just figured I'd let you know how I felt about it.

As for the portrayal of SB. Well, I don't know if it's done convincingly enough. I figured one of the first things she would ask, once she figured out that this place wasn't a world out to destroy her would be about Twilight's fragment, and any sort of leads they might have about it.

Overall, the prelude was fairly well written, though it's a little disingenuous to those who have never heard of ARIA before.

Thanks for writing,

You know, it's odd to go back to the pilot episode when you've transitioned out of the initial introduction. It's difficult for me to get a sense of where this AU Sweetie may have been like a character with ease... and it wasn't until the end of the very first segment that she was able to manifest herself, at least when I look back at it.

Thank you for telling me of my problems. I am pretty inept in spotting for myself...

The grammatical issue with single line paragraphs I will do something about. This is not something that I need to repeat. Thank you.

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