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Equestria's advancement on humanity was all but unstoppable, so it's either to become a pony or to die...

That is, until a miracle had made it possible for humanity and ponies to coexist; technology and thaumaturgy are both valid.

But what of universality in despair? What to do when both worlds are connected and shared?

So, the stage is set for this tragedy in the Far East.

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I sense immense potential in this fic. This is how you do a crossover.

Interesting. Please continue.

Thanks for putting up with me. None of the characters grew at all, and it's been two chapters of infodump. Sigh. It's just that I really don't want to rinse and repeat Urobutcher's... so we can actually get moving on to the ponies!

That F**king RodentKyuubei: "Successful entry to Equus. Conditions nominal."

Oh, boy, here we go! (grabs popcorn)

Damnit I want to see Madoka and Homura kicking Xenolestia in her racist, genocidal, hypocritical flank.

Madoka magica......this is not good for the ponies LET THEM SEE A WITCH HAHAHA!!!!

The rat with ponies huh ........ INSTANCE FAV

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