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Adaptation of Bizet's Carmen.
Place: Ponyville, and surrounding countryside.
Time: After the pilot episodes, roughly same as "A Bird in the Hoof".

Philomena, the enigmatic, playful and somewhat arrogant Phoenix had made her presence known in Ponyville. How will the musicians cope with this most unusual bird? And how will they straighten out Fluttershy, who was smitten by her?

(This work is actually meant to be completely sung through. Playing the musical pieces while reading is highly recommended)

Scored to Cadanceverse !

Chapters (4)

Ponyville was about to put on a musical show in celebration of its reconstruction. No rampaging Ursa Minor or angry Alicorns could wipe the town off the map.

Unfortunately, the town was to have a run-in with an adorable pestilence that was all-consuming...

Can the Elements of Harmony find out how to stop this pest before it was too late?

A Cadanceverse story.

Chapters (3)

Equestria's advancement on humanity was all but unstoppable, so it's either to become a pony or to die...

That is, until a miracle had made it possible for humanity and ponies to coexist; technology and thaumaturgy are both valid.

But what of universality in despair? What to do when both worlds are connected and shared?

So, the stage is set for this tragedy in the Far East.

Chapters (3)

Based on Wanderer D's Sweetie Chronicles and Amano Kozue's ARIA.

Neo-Venezia, A.D. 2307.

Life continues in the city of water that was built on miracles.
Aria company was faring wonderfully, with a budding Single and a blooming Prima at the helm.

Sweetie was at an impasse as she found herself over this world that was not made from hooves, but from hands. Why was she in Neo-Venezia? How was she to find her way?

An uninitiated would be easily lost in the currents of Neo-Venezia. Lucikly, Sweetie was not without help.

She would look for Twilight's fragment by exploring everyday wonders with gondoliers of the Aria company that were versed in the magic of friendship.

Another voyage of self-discovery in Neo-Venezia was about to begin.

Chapters (8)