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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


She's lost, without any idea how or why. Now she's completely isolated on an unknown world with no way to get home...a world she has found to be loud, scary, and rather alien. With only a white rabbit to keep her company, how will a lone pegasus pony survive?

Rated T for violence, language, and suggestive material.

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Oh~ very good first chapter, and very good with the cliffhanger. Almost too well placed.

I like the mystique of it actually, usually we get the human p.o.v., this for me at least is a change of pace. I will be faving this and watching for future chapters.

Yeah, the story is interesting; I'll place in my read later list.

But author abstain from placing a 0 likes, pony on earth, with human actually a pony, in the good HIE list. It just takes space and it will be declined immediately, remember Human in Equestria and 100+ likes, thank you.

2663888 Didn't read that part...oopsies!

Very good story. Keep Up the good work

Wow, that was a good begining, and that ending left me wanting more, always a good job.

Excellent start, I'm eagerly waiting for more :twilightsheepish:

At first i thought "Arg... fu*k one more of this boring 'pony on earth' stories..." but than i remembered: Wait Radiant Dawn NEVER writes bad stuff... NEVER, it's like the universal law that in all realities an Pi exists even if it is probably different from ours...

So i read it and: DEAR MERCIFUL GOD please more, that has so much potential.
Honesty is always good. ^^

I feel like this guy is some old ponyphile... 0_0

Interesting to see the pony's POV in the human world rather than the human's. This first chapter was good. Can't wait for more.:ajsmug:

Cool story, man. Keep it up.

That was beautiful, though it's Fluttershy so that's always a given. Brilliant backstory for Geoff/Order, I love the concept. Can't wait for Flutter's to get back to Equestria with this story and a banished god in tow, that's be something to tell the kids. :moustache:

I-It updates?!:rainbowderp:
More! Awesome story need more!:flutterrage:

......Woah, i did NOT see that! Order huh?

Oh-no, it's Sheogorath's alternate ego. The March has started

He chuckled and sighed before looking at me. “Because it’s my home.”

Great chapter. However... I see no dog picture in the authors note.:fluttercry:

3388594 Yes. Wonderful dogs. It's retarded how smart they are.

3450643 Indeed, and smarter than most people I know around here.

3450751I think gold fish are smarter then most people around where I live.:ajbemused:

oh, this is cute. fluttershy is crushing on him. and looks like geoff is crushing on fluttershy!:raritystarry:

yeah its cute, enjoying the read

Well then... Quite a few parallels between Order and my Ian. They are both immortal, although Ian is much, much younger. One hundred and seventeen at the start of his first visit, six thousand three hundred and eighty four when he returned to stay.

Both have lost loved ones. Although in Ian's case it was his brother and sister. They probably died much more violent deaths then Order's family did. Aedra was ripped apart at the space time fabric level because she got stranded in a, well, deteriorating would be an understatement, so, disintegrating universe. Fenix had his neural energy drained to the point where his brain lacked the energy required to keep his heart beating and his lungs working.

Both are extremely powerful. I'm not sure exactly how powerful Order is, but if he truly is the manifestation of a factor, he is probably a bit more powerful than Ian. Ian may be able to tear apart and repurpose a Dark God at the quark level and create stars, or destroy them, in just around a half hour, but he has his limits. And those things are very close to them, by the way.

Both are not in their origin universe. Although with Ian it is because his origin universe dosen't exist anymore, for accelerated Big Rip reasons. Look the Big Rip up on Wikipedia, and you will see what I am talking about.

So yeah. Anyway, goodbye.

I'm...confused. You're not actually suggesting plagiarism, are you?

No, I am merely noting how similar Order and Ian are.

Besides, the only way you could plaigarise Ian is if you went into my head. The only way I could plagiarise Order is if I went to the past and told my past self about him. Most of Ian's story and background is exclusively in my head.

No, what I am doing is a comparison, not a suggestion of anything.

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