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As the Voyager crew finally returns home, they allow the Federations greatest threat to meet one little pony.

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Upon reading intro only:
Sweetie Belle... gets... assymilated?!?!
NOOOOO!!!! Horrible!! How could you possibly...?!?!

After reading chapters:
Phew! ok. Not *exactly* assymilation as we know it....
I think I see your plan.... much better, much kinder!

I think I like this story now! :-)

My one question is...Is this going to have DisQord?

Thanks for the comment. I put categories up now. This is my first story, so trying to figure out the system her took a bit to understand. Hope you like the story so far.

2608897 Thanks for the comment. As to the Borg, kindness isn't exactly what their known for. This isn't Fluttershy Borg after all. However, Sweetie does have one advantage that other beings don't posses, and she'll certainly need it.

2609794 - Sorry no DisQord, at least not in this story.


Sweetie Belle has one advantage that other beings don't?
Mmmm, interesting!

Just to be clear, it was only assymilation by drones that I thought would be too horrible to read.

After reading your 2nd chapter I got the feeling that orphaned Borg nanoprobes would find their way to Sweetie Belle and *harmlessly* (without knowledge, pain & trauma) do *Borg magic*.
You know, similar to that Voyager episode where 7 of 9 returns to the Borg, and the Borg Queen reveals plans to assymilate Earth by releasing nanoprobes en masse?
That's the impression I got.

Either way, you've got me curious..... reader intrigue! :-)

Interesting. Have a favourite.

Why do I read this and feel sorry for the Borg?


Why would you feel sorry for them?

In fact, I wish things like the Borg-Species 8472 War happened to the Borg more often.

Very good execution of story!
I was wondering how you would do it.
:sweetiebotsmile: <-- I wish :pinkiehappy:


Glad you liked it, and thanks for the comment. I am curious what others thought of the assimilation of Sweetie too. Glad you thought I did it right.

Hope the advantage I used made sense. It did in my head.

I wood say that was a good start to a new story but it seems that your are not going to continue that story. To bad. Maybe later.

i did like the story itself although the writing was a bit spotty. The...exposition at the end could have been part of the story rather than something that was just referred to.

Anyway, it was a nice quick read.

This was an amazing story! I have read several stories where Equestria has to deal with the Borg and this is the second one that hasn't made me annoyed with how many times this has happened with the first one being when the Borg assimilated Pinkie Pie and had a meltdown and committed suicide en-masse. :pinkiehappy:

Another 13.7 seconds and there would have been a breech.”

This should be Another 13.7 seconds and there would have been a breach.”
The reason for this change is: the definition of breech is the part of a cannon behind the bore, while the definition of breach is a gap in a wall, barrier, or defense, especially one made by an attacking army. However, in this case, the part of the definition that you want to pay attention to is

a gap in a barrier.

Um... you misspelled


and in the next paragraph, you misspelled


This should be
Sweetie Belle... gets... assimilated...?!?!
Phew! ok. Not *exactly* assimilation as we know it....
So sorry. As a dedicated Star Trek: Voyager fan (and an even more dedicated Borg fan [all they want to do is give you perfection! Is that so wrong?]) I get irritated whenever I see these mistakes.

you forgot the star trek tag

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