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I have a few questions...

1) Why is this rated teen? There isn't any sexual content whatsoever.
2) What is the point of this story? No offence is intended, but the plot of this story seems to be "Rarity goes to the spa following The Last Roundup. Spa ponies ask why she didn't teleport home. Rarity screams." Frankly, that's not really a story.
3) Vinking? It took me a minute to realise what they were talking about because they used a fairly uncommon term with an accent. Couldn't they have used "teleport", or described what they were thinking of? Something like this:

"Vy did you simply not use your, Vot is it called? Ze spell vere you dissapear an reappear? Blinking? Sinking? Dinking? Vinking? Yes, Vinking."


Thanks for the comment. And no I'm not offended by anything. I'm amazed and excited when anyone comments.

As to why it was put teen, originally when I submitted it, I put it for everyone, but the first moderator said "Your story Rarity's Spa Day has failed moderation on FimFiction for the following reason: I think this needs to be rated 'teen' for the innuendo and 'moaning with pleasure' bit.
Please make the required changes and resubmit." So instead of changing that line I said, "Eh, OK" and now it is rated teen for sex.

2. Well I thought the point was to be silly, but if you need a point, I suppose that it was because even though Rarity had a bad experience, she could have gotten out of it quickly had she thought about it.

3. As to winking, that is usually what the teleportation spell is called in all of the MLP shows, from G1 to G4. So I thought in the community it was fairly common.

Thanks again for commenting.

Glad to hear you didn't take it the wrong way, I was worried I was being overly negative.

1) Really? That's what made it a teen? Weird :rainbowderp:

2) Fair enough. I'm probably biased since the idea that all unicorns can teleport goes against my headcanon.

3) As for winking, I have heard it before but not very often (and not in G4 canon, thinking about it). Combining it with the accent just confused me for a moment.

Whenever I see a French accent in a story I think Napoleon.

Thank you? I guess that was a compliment? I would have thought more of the lines of Miss Piggy for females then Napoleon, but hey that's me.

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