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Sweetie of Bot - wolfdreamer

As the Voyager crew finally returns home, they allow the Federations greatest threat to meet one little pony.

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Chapter 3 - Meeting the Borg

“La, la la la la,” sang Sweetie as her saddle bag slapped her gently with each step she took. She looked around at the large trees and blew a leaf off of her snout as it fell gently against her face. She laughed as it blew into the air, before finally settling on the path out of her way.

As she traveled she began to contemplate what her cutie mark would be for doing this. “Maybe pretty clothes…or bright colors…or a delivery bag or maybe a pith army hat and whip since it’s so dangerous. After all the Everfree Forest has Ursa Minor, sea serpents and cockatrice.” Sweetie paused mid-step as if realizing what she just said. “Ursa Minor, sea serpent and cockatrice, oh my. Ursa Minor, Sea Serpent and cockatrice…Oh My.! Ursa Minor, Sea Serpent and Cockatrice….OH MY!” At last realization had complelty hit and plopping her plot on the ground, she lifted her head, and like her older sister would do, cried or more specifically, shrieked as tears poured from her eyes.

At the edge of the forest a small white bunny shook its head as if trying to block a shrill sound from entering it.

“Oh Angel, did you hear something?” asked a pink maned Pegasus. Angel just shook his head and slapped the magazine that showed the newest dessert he wanted her to make for him.

Sweetie herself was quite lucky. The dangerous creatures that normally resided in that part of the forest had left the vicinity the night before. In fact, she was one of the last creatures in the forest at the time, most having fled before dawn that day.

After a few moments where Sweetie Belle cried uncontrollably she stopped. Like her sister, when faced with a problem, she cried. If that didn’t work, she whined. Finlay if that didn’t work as well, she dealt with it herself. As the last two or three teardrops fell off her furry cheek, she began to look around. Although many generations separated her from wild pony forehorses she still retained some aspects of their skills. Rotating her ears in different directions and using her nose, she took deep breaths to discern if any monsters were around. She heard no typical woodland sounds such as birds, squirrels, or parasprites, but instead a strange beeping sound coming from the left of the path. Also there was a strange smell similar to Twilights laboratory. Her mind reeled at that memory. She, Applebloom and Scootaloo had snuck into the laboratory trying to get their chemistry cutie marks. That hadn’t worked well, but at least Twilight eventually figured out how to get rid of Spike’s two extra heads. As she was thinking of that experience, she was unconsciously walking off the path until she had completely lost sight of it. Without even realizing it, she had walked to the source of the smell and sound.

Finally realizing she wasn’t on the relatively safe path, she looked before hear and opening her eyes and mouth widely she squeaked, “What the Buck!” Instantly, she placed a hoof over her mouth and looked around her for any grownup. Unlike Applebloom who being raised on a farm and Scootaloo who liked to do anything the grownups disapproved of. Sweetie barely swore. It was one of the things that both Rarity and her mother agreed on. Proper gentlemares did not swear. However, even she thought they would both swear had they seen what was before her.

In front of her could only be described as a disaster. Pieces of metal lay everywhere with a few brightly lit pieces scattered here and there. Many of the pieces appeared to be smoldering and even a few sparked. She didn’t realize it, but this was the boom she had heard and felt the night before that Rarity dismissed as thunder and lightning. Once again Sweetie’s youth and naiveity showed through. Most ponies upon seeing this would have fled or at least gotten help to investigate. Sweetie however, did neither. Instead she went forward, walking carefully through the wreckage. At each step she looked around the clutter trying to understand what each thing was and all the while finding everything incomprehensible.

She finally stopped in front of something, or she thought, someone? However, it was someone she had never seen before. It looked completely different from any creature she had ever seen or heard of. First its face had no fur, feathers or scales. But it seemed to be a ashy pale and grey color. It had two eyes, one brown and unblinking, while the other a read beam like a unicorns beam, but on an eye. Its limbs were strange too. It didn’t have hoofs or claws like griffons. Its forehooves were like Spike’s dragon claws, only without the claws. Its back legs were different too. Or rather one leg. The other ended at the knee and seemed to be made of hissing small snakes that sparked at the end. She watched as it rocked back and forth as if trying to stand up.

Sweetie finally decided it was a someone when leaning over she heard it say, “resistance…stafwe…futile…afaserg” Realizing it might be in trouble Sweetie leaned foreword and extended her right hoof. “Do you need any help?”

As she spoke its head turned toward her and its red eye focused on her. The creature then extended its own right arm and to Sweetie two small snakes appeared reached out to her hoof and bit her forehoof.

“Ow, that hurt,” cried Sweetie, as the snake things bit through her fur. The creature then detached itself from Sweetie and seemed to collapse into itself and its red eye finally faded.

Sweetie noticed none of this However. Instead she noticed in horror and shock as small thin metal lines began to form where she had been bitten. She began to feel that “things” were scurrying through her body. “I…I don’t feel well,” mumbled Sweetie, right before she collapsed in a faint.

It was fortunate that she was unconscious then, as the Borg nanoprobes began to replicate and course through her body. Had she been awake, she would be in incredible pain. Each moment more and more nanoprobes were being created and were beginning to assimilate different parts of the filly’s young body. Like countless other beings the nanoprobes were quickly manipulating her body and it began to convulse and shake uncontrollably.

Just when it seemed that Sweetie would be no more, an unexpected event occurred. The nanoprobes me resistance! Not only was there resistance, but slowly but carefully the nanoprobes were being defeated in places.

Pony physiology is unusual. Unlike most species in the galaxies, where there are different ethnic groups, in which different colors, facial features and heights occur, ponies are actually each a unique species. Each of the races have their own special D.N.A and chromosomes, that while are less then 0.01% from one another, make a huge difference. This allows Earth ponies to be incredibly strong, Pegasus to be able to fly, Crystal Ponies to be made of diamonds, sea ponies to breath underwater and dragon ponies to have scales and breath fire. Finally it allows unicorns to produce magic.

Had Scootaloo or AppleBloom or even Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or AppleJack been assimilated they would have turned completely into Borg, with no resistance at all. Pinky, being Pinky would have been another event completely. But a unicorn is unique. They contain substances that other worlds and galaxies would call medichlorines or agent X, but what Equestrians simply call magic.

A full grown unicorn like Twilight or Rarity would have been able to resist deliberately using their magic internally to stop the threat. However, Sweetie Belle was no full grown trained unicorn. Being a foal she still hadn’t gotten complete control over her magic and because of this she had to rely on her passive magical defense. Similar to another species white blood cells attacking a virus. While weakened compared to a full grown unicorn, it was still a powerful weapon. All was not lost.

All was not assured either. The borg had tried once before to assimilate Equestrians earlier in their history. That time the Borg had met a lonely dark manned princess. Her body had ultimately destroyed most of the Borg nanoprobes, with one exception. The area that controlled emotion. From there they grew and multiplied, manipulating her fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred until the result nearly destroyed the planet, resulting in Moon banishment.

While most, including the princess herself, had forgotten the event that led up to the war, the creatures of the Everfree Forest instinctively remembered and fled in response. The Borg too had fled. Finding the collective unable to assimilate the first being it encountered the Queen deemed the planet unworthy of assimilation and destroyed the transwarp leading to it.

What however, did this mean for poor Sweetie? It meant simply, a balance. So while her left eye was becoming a Borg optical implant, it continued to look like a normal pony’s eye, but with a Borg’s sight. So to would her strength would increase to that of an Earth Pony, thanks to the nanoprobes that were attached to her muscles. Over and over her body would create this balance. The best of Borg and pony would come together to create something new. Because of the balance she would also retain her memories, as well as that of the Borg collective, this would sometimes be a burden as her mind would sometimes create non sequiturs as she talked, resulting in comments that made no sense to those around her, but in time her friends and family would accept it as something simply Sweetie Belle.

In short, she would be an enhanced pony, the perfect blend of pony and machine. The irony was the Borg had achieved its goal of perfection. However, here once again the unicorn’s magic saved both her and Equestria. While the Borg collective mind was imputed into Sweetie’s mind, her unicorn body prevented the Borg, including the queen any of her thoughts from being transmitted. In short, she was to become a collective of one.

There were only two outward appearances that she had changed. The first was that she would get more headaches then normal. This was once again a result of her two minds trying to balance each other. And while doctors would investigate, they would be unable, even with their own unicorn magic discern what was wrong. The second is that from now on, instead of the normal white glow most unicorns used when producing magic, hers would be bright red. It would be commented upon, but while unusual it wasn’t unheard of, so no one not even her parents or sister would investigate.

Even as her body was creating the balance, Sweetie Belle began to wake. “Uhh,” moaned Sweetie, as she slowly opened her eyes, which were slightly unfocused. She slowly stared up and began to speak, at first in a monotone voice, but with each word more animated, or normal, “Our designation is Sweetie of Bot. Tertiary adjunct of Ponyville. Resistance to….cuteness…is futile. My purpose is the discovery of my perfect cutie mark.” As she finished talking she moved away from the Borg pieces and back towards the path, where she would remember her mission, to get Rarity’s dye and resume her journey to Zecora’s. Who, having sensed something was not right had remained in her hut.

As for the Borg pieces, the Everfree Forest, had already begun to absorb the scrap. In less then a week they would be gone. In less then a month from then the creatures great and small would return, with no one the wiser, with the exception of one little foal who couldn’t quite remember “before”.

Author's Note:

The End.

I got the idea from listening to Sweetie say her Non sequesters in the series. I wondered why she sounded so dumb sometimes. When I didn't think she acted dumb. Next I wondered how she could haul that huge amount of camping gear in "Sleepless in Ponyville" when even Applejack was shocked. Ergo Borg nanoprobes. Happy reading.

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Very good execution of story!
I was wondering how you would do it.
:sweetiebotsmile: <-- I wish :pinkiehappy:


Glad you liked it, and thanks for the comment. I am curious what others thought of the assimilation of Sweetie too. Glad you thought I did it right.

Hope the advantage I used made sense. It did in my head.

I wood say that was a good start to a new story but it seems that your are not going to continue that story. To bad. Maybe later.

i did like the story itself although the writing was a bit spotty. The...exposition at the end could have been part of the story rather than something that was just referred to.

Anyway, it was a nice quick read.

This was an amazing story! I have read several stories where Equestria has to deal with the Borg and this is the second one that hasn't made me annoyed with how many times this has happened with the first one being when the Borg assimilated Pinkie Pie and had a meltdown and committed suicide en-masse. :pinkiehappy:

you forgot the star trek tag

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