• Published 21st May 2013
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Sweetie of Bot - wolfdreamer

As the Voyager crew finally returns home, they allow the Federations greatest threat to meet one little pony.

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Chapter 1 - Endgame

Stardate 54973.4
On the Starship Voyager, klaxons were ringing, red lights flashed and even with the internal dampeners, the ship continued to rock back and forth.

“Captain, the transwarp corridor is beginning to fall. Should I fire the torpedoes now.”

“Not yet Mr. Kim, The admiral said to wait exactly three minutes in the corridor to be the most effective, I won’t let her sacrifice be in vain. We’re getting home, one way or another.”

“Captain, need I remind you that the Borg sphere ship is gaining and will be on us in approximately 27.3 seconds. “

“Understood Mr. Tuvok.” Janway lifted her hand as if to signal her crew and glanced at her chronometer beside her chair. She waited a few moments more, then swiftly bringing her hand down. “Fire Mr. Kim.”

“Firing torpedoes, one, two, three, four.”

The crew watched silently, as the torpedoes sped away from the ship Voyager and raced toward the borg ship. The only sound was Tuvok’s emotionless countdown toward impact.


The crew seemed to hold its collective breath. Everything depended on the say-so of the future admiral that the nearly fifty year future technology would work as she said it would.


The crew watched as the ship and torpedoes collided. Three of the torpedoes hit there targets and almost immediately the ship began to tear apart. The fourth missile missed its target and instead hit the transwarp tunnel behind the ship. A rupture or rift began to appear where the torpedo struck. Large chunks of the borg ship began to enter the rift.

“Captain,” Seven’s voice sounding as ever, cool precise and a bit condescending, called out over the cheering of the crew, who had begun to celebrate the destruction of the borg ship and their last obstacle.

As Janeway turned towards Seven, the ship began to rock back and forth.

“Ahh, captain, I think we may have a problem,” Called Tom Paris.

“Mr. Paris, report.” Frowned Janeway as the turbulence continued to rock the ship.

“Apparently those torpedoes have caused the transwarp to begin to close early, and judging by our current speed, the hole will close before we exit. “

“Captain, need I remind you that Admiral Janeway specifically stated not to enter warp during the transwarp journey, and that doing so could potentially destabilize the transwarp itself.” Even with the beginning of his nuralogical disease and the ship rocking back and forth, Touvok, remaind calm and emotionless.

“Thank you Mr. Tuvok. Be that as it may, There seems to be no other way out. Best speed Mr. Paris.”

“Aye, aye, Captain. Going from impulse to Warp 1…Now.”

Immediately, the shaking increased and Janeway thought she could hear creaks from the ship itself. She wasn’t wrong. The pressure on Voyager was increasing exponentially for every moment they continued on warp.

Even so… She didn’t make the decision to go back on the Prime Directive to get this close.

“Mr. Paris, warp 2.”

At the increase in power, sparks and fires began to appear on the bridge and unbelievably, the shaking grew more intense. It was only a matter of time before…

“Hull breaches on decks 1,2,3,4. So far the force fields are holding, but I don’t know how long they’ll last.” Harry’s voice was beginning to panic as the young ensign continued to try to see everything on his station, despite the smoke and sparks.

“Thank you Harry. Tom I need you to give her everything she’s got. Maximum Warp.”


“You heard me Tom, the only way to get through is to push to maximum. Maximum Warp.”

Turning, Tom Paris quickly pushed the controls to maximum warp, trying not to think of B’elanna in sickbay giving birth at the moment. With one last command entered, he reached, “Maximum Warp Captain.”

The result was instantaneous. Fires appeared over the bridge, the shaking grew so powerful that pieces of the ceiling were falling, monitors and stations were completely useless. Before Harry’s station exploded, he noticed and relayed to Janeway that life support and forcefields were fading, and that a core breach would occur in less then two minutes. The viewing screen, while cracked in several places, still worked and showed the end of the tunnel slowly coming closer and closer and beginning to collapse.

Only one outcome would ensure the survival of the crew. However as Janeway watched it seemed that there would be no last minute miracle. As she thought this, she realized that the ship would never fit through the hole, unless..


“I see it captain, compensating.” And even as the ships other computers failed and sparked, amazingly, navigation was still active. Because of that, Tom was able to quickly turn the ship on an angle and just in time. Just as he made the correction, Voyager slipped through the opening. As the nacelles left the transwarp, it collapsed rocking the ship one final time.

“Tom, impulse. NOW!!”

“yes captain. Impulse….Now.”

“Engenering..Engenering. How’s the warp core?”

A voice came over the com system. Not the one most knew, being disposed at the moment, but Vorik instead.

“Captain, the warp has been stabilized. Another 13.7 seconds and there would have been a breech.”

“Very good Vorik, get started on repairs.”

“Yes captain, Vorik out.”

After one or two breaths to calm herself, Kathryn turned to Harry.

“Harry, where are we? Can you tell?”

Harry Kim, with a few small burns on his face, and cuts and gashes from the small explosions, was still attempting to get his display up. Frowning in frustration, he was about to give up, when small beeps and lights began to flash on his panel. After entering a few commands, he blinked in surprise, astonished at what it was displaying.

“Captain, we’re three days from Earth. We’re in the Alpha quadrent. We’re…”

“…home”, finished Kathryn for him. She clutched her armrest with one hand while her other supported her head. It took a moment for the bridge crew to comprehend what Harry had just said, but when they did, there reaction was surprising. Most seemed in shock, while a few started to cry. Tuvok however, began to repair his station.

The comm began to crackle and a familiar voice came over it, as well as a high pitched cry.

“Hello, is anyone there? Is anyone listening? I’ve been trying for the last five minutes to get anyone’s attention. I don’t even know why I bother.”

“Doctor, we hear you. What do you need.”

“Oh! Captain. Finally! Is Tom there? Someone wants to meet him. And as you can tell she has her mother’s lungs.” Even in the situation, the Doctor’s dry humor stood out.

“I heard that,” mumbled Be’Lanna loudly over the comm..

Tom’s face broke into a grin. Turning to Janeway, who returned the grin nodded to him to give him permission to go to the infirmary. After giving helm to Harry, he raced to the tubes without a further look back.

The crew uplifted by the small domestic scene and the knowledge that they were only a week or two from home had moved the crew to begin the repairs. Even with the injuries laughter and chatter were starting to bubble among the crew. Janeway herself, excited by the events, was grinning herself as she looked Seven of Nine.


Inwardly Janeway sighed, and letting her grin drop walked to Seven.

“Captain, before the transwarp collapsed, I was able to collect some data on the rip. The tear opened up into another quadrant. One the borg had experienced before.”

This peaked Janeway’s interest. “Any sentient species, or did the Borg assimilate them.”

“There were, at the time of contact, approximately 1000 years ago, at least 18 sentient species known. However, the Borg were…unable to assimilate them. As a result the transwarp to that quadrant was destroyed.”

“I see. Was there any evidence that the pieces of the borg sphere ship had active nano probes on it when it passed through the rip. Is it possible that they would still be active and able to function?”

Seven looked at the captain, as one of her eyebrows arched. “It is highly unlikely. But…., not improbable.”

“Well, there’s nothing we can do at the moment, and I suppose if they stopped the Borg once, they could do it again. One more thing though, out of curiosity, what was the quadrant called.”

“The Borg designation was quadrant 17. However, I believe the species called it the Equanis Sector.”

Author's Note:

I don't own Star Trek or MLP, obviously, but I got the idea from seeing so many Sweetie Bot memes out there and thought, hmmm how did this happen. This is my interpretation.

Cover art by Gallade 77