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Discord traps Ponyville Elementary on a roller coaster. Much to his amusement, instead of thinking of ways to get down, they begin to argue. Loudly.

Does anyone notice that the word count down below says 233 words, but the chapter says 1413?

Chapters (2)

Young Night Light meets a new stallion at his school in the last months of his final year, named Shiny Rock.They develop a great friendship, but soon discover something more...

An OC Story by Starweardo

Chapters (9)

The four alicorn princesses go on a vacation... in the League of Legends.

As Champions.

Chapters (3)

Two lands...

Two heroes...

Two fates intertwined...

To one destiny.

Chapters (6)

Equestria was not always covered in darkness and shadow; at least if the legends are to be believed. Link not only believes the legends, he has decided to become the hero that they call for and bring Harmony back to Equestria.

Chapters (1)

After the events of Ocarina of Time, Link goes searching for Navi. He finds her in the Lost Woods but ends up being sent to Equestria by way of Princess Luna, using a spell to summon a great warrior to assist with the Changeling Invasion. However, there is more to Link's visit then a simple invasion.

As he later finds out.

Chapters (4)

A man stumbled into Equestria through means unknown. A year later Twilight Sparkle saw the worst his species had to offer and, in a paranoid fit, tried to have him killed.

Cast out by pony society, this man must find his place with the other Equestrian outcasts in order to survive. Fortunately, there are more of them than anypony else thought. And they aren't happy.

He may not like it, but he has little choice but to step into...

The Kingdom of Darkness.

Inspired by SaiyanUltima's "Seasons of Darkness".

Chapters (8)

It has been a month since Rainbow's "birth-iversary". But when a familiar face shows up, how does Pinkie react to this, when she has been depressed since he left?

Credit to BioSonic100 for letting me use this awesome title card! :D

Chapters (1)

It’s Spike’s birthday and everypony in town is celebrating it with him. Everypony, except Royal Riff. Why isn’t he at the party with all of his friends? Is something bothering him?

This story is inspired by this song, which was inspired by this story.

This story has been a long time in the making. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with it, especially the proof-readers who helped me out more than they know. I would especially like to thank my friend FlashKenshin77 for his help with a certain pony's dialogue.

Chapters (1)

Celestia wakes up in human form and at an insane asylum where similarities between the world she is in now and the world of Equestria cause her to wonder if Equestria even exists or if she simply made it up to escape her human life. Does she try to hold on to her memories of her Canterlot life or does she let them go and accept them as nothing more than stories? Who is she going to trust? Who is she anyway?

This is only the beginning...

TV Tropes Page

Cover Art by blahblahaha123 (with some altering by me.)

Reading by Phantom Brony


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