She just wanted to cast a new spell. But when it takes a friend away forever...

She'd do anything to atone.

This is a side story dedicated to Zephysonas' orchestral Hour of Twilight.

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Me and my friend have Displaced as two Pokemon, only one of went insane, and it's my job to stop her, if only those dang ponies stop getting in the way.

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(Sequel to "The Price of Freedom Mk. 2")

Based on The Legend of Spyro Trilogy


Dusk Shine has been in constant doubt of himself ever since the destruction of his school 2 weeks ago. Many things happened on that day which could have been prevented were it not for him. What's more, even The Tree of Harmony itself, which is in fact a living being on its own, has chosen new Elements of Harmony in the form of his six transfer students.

Perhaps it's a new sign of how unworthy he is of being a prince.

The recent, and shocking reveal of Celestia, and Luna's retirement does little to ease his insecurities. Though the alicorns make it absolutely clear that their retirement is not based solely on the peaceful times they have been experiencing more than ever before. In the recent weeks that followed Tirek's return, they, along with Discord himself, have been receiving premonitions of something. Something terrible, and wicked that Equestria had prayed never to see again......... especially as somehow, it will lead to the death of their sacred pillar of harmony, itself: The Tree. Celestia and Luna believe that Dusk, and his friends are needed now more than ever to confront this dark storm that threatens to blanket the world in its shadow. But even though his friends believe in him, Dusk Shine still holds doubts.

Sadly, there is no time to settle such emotions, or come to grips with these great changes.

Unknown to all, a dark gathering has taken place in the hidden edge of the Everfree forest. Equestria's old, but not easily forgotten enemies are restored to their true power, and united under the banner under the Darkness that threatens to return: The Emperor of Darkness, Grogar. Or so he would have them all believe. The only one not fooled by the old goat's claims is Lord Tirek. And he himself has his own plans he wishes set into motion, despite the former "All-Father of Monsters" desire for them to join him in his conquest of Equestria.

In fact, the powerful horned figure has set events into motion that will forever change the fate of Equesria, and begin an ancient struggle between Harmony, and Anarchy that has not been seen in eons.

Now, with Equestria's greatest defense destroyed, and the torch ultimately being passed to the Student Six, Dusk Shine must prepare himself for the inevitable day of his coronation as the new, supreme ruler of Equestria. But everywhere he looks, signs of the great Darkness arise here, and in other places. One such being a new foe who calls himself "Night Terror" - and somehow resembles, and wields the power of the fallen Nightmare Moon. Is he a herald of the coming storm? What are his motivations as he terrorizes Equestria? And will he continue to keep our heroes busy with meaningless distraction while the true enemy amasses in preparation of the return of Darkness?

Far too many questions to be answered, and Dusk has none of the answers. But there is one thing he does have that might ensure victory against the threat that is coming for them: his friends. Whether it be the princesses, the girls, the pillars, his six students, his sister-in-law and niece - and most importantly, his brothers at his side, our resident Prince of Friendship will rise to the challenge, and face whatever threat comes his way.

Even if one of these threats is a pony who is also dear to him....and is now serving the great Darkness.

But even in the all-encompassing Darkness, there is still a Light within to bring forth the Hope of Harmony.

Friendship WILL prevail.

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The 179th Battalion occupies the critical town of Galloper's Overlook. So long as Equestrian forces hold it, the 3rd Army in valley below is safe from bombardment. Should the town fall, then the Northern Front will collapse. The battalion must hold.

But they can't. Outgunned, outnumbered, and surrounded, the 179th is running low on both ammunition and hope. Captain Tome, a stallion painfully aware of his own shortcomings as a commander, must find a way to stave off the inevitable. In war, ordinary ponies must rise to become the heroes everyone needs. Courage takes many forms. So do legends.

This story is part of the AU canon "War's Generation," but may be read as a standalone.

As this story contains graphic imagery of war, I am placing a link to the Veteran Crisis line here, as well as links to the national suicide prevention hotline and a list of international hotlines. There is no shame in needing help. In truth, it is courageous to ask for it. To those who served, you served us - let us help you.

This story is dedicated to all men and women in uniform, to ordinary heroes, and especially to the 101st Airborne, colloquially known as the 'Screaming Eagles,' and to the 308th Infantry Regiment, colloquially known as the 'Lost Battalion.'

The cover art used with the kind permission of Vole-A, who commissioned the piece from FoxInShadow.

Original characters my own. My Little Pony and its contents are the property of Hasbro, Inc. and its affiliates. Please support the official release.

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Rarity has had a nice life. She met her friends, she met her special somedragon, she's achieved all her dreams business-wise, and she's been a trendsetter for who-knows-how-long.
When it's time to go... there's only one way for her to go out.
Go out in style.

Special Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for proofreading, editing, and for being a great friend.

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And someday wasn't a very hopeful promise, but she still hold onto it. Because if not, what else could she do?

I wrote this having the So Many Words Never Said universe in mind. But since it's based on events I haven't posted yet, you can come up with your own conclusions.

Cover art by Twilight-Sparkle-Things

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Fate isn’t what it seems. It can be manipulated. Corralled. If, of course, you know what you’re doing. And if you’re willing to risk your very existence.

Celestia never loses, because she never has only one chance to get things right.

But there is a pony, or something like a pony, that holds the true power over the strands of fate. There are only so many fatal gambits you can make before a line must be drawn.

Winner of GaPJaxie's sixteenth Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition, where it was written between me and Syke Jr in 90 minutes. The prompts were "Back to Back" and "A Stitch in Time"—during the writing period, each one of us knew only a separate half of the prompts.

A big thanks to charlie for the cover image!

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Equestria is full of ancient and powerful pieces of magical equipment. The Alicorn Amulet is just an ill-conceived experiment by some old, forgotten mage. It's dangerous, certainly. But Twilight is careful.
It doesn't mean anything that Luna can't access her dreams. It doesn't mean anything that she can remember every detail perfectly. Twilight's dreams are just dreams.
She isn't seeing a figure in the corners of her vision. Her magic doesn't flash red occasionally. The whisper Twilight hears whenever she wears it is just her imagination, or a side effect of a decaying spell.
Nothing bad is going to happen. She's only studying it, after all.

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Instead of being defeated and turned to stone, Discord made peace with Equestria, opting to rule a land where condemn criminals and outcasts are banished to.

But of course, all things are relative. After all, Discord's tyranny is benevolent compared to the warring Queens, Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon

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In the distant future, a mind awakes to find itself without a body.

It remembers who it was.

Who she was.

Her name, once, was Luna.

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