This story is a sequel to Changeling Space Program

Twilight Sparkle's memorable coronation is over. But before she gets tied to the throne, she decides to share one last adventure with her mentor and her closest friends.

Not a huge adventure. Just a little day-trip, really.

Back to the moon.

A brief sequel to Changeling Space Program and The Maretian, written for the A Thousand Words contest. (Fluff category.)

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This story is a sequel to My Little Planeswalker: Glimmering Oil

After Sunset Shimmer cleansed the human world of Phyrexia’s influence, she finds herself faced with a new reality: a world where every living human has access to their magical powers. But though the plane of Anthropia has long been known to be deeply entwined with Equestria, even those who have traveled between both worlds do not truly understand the nature of the connection.

When the human Twilight discovers the fossilized remains of an alicorn, her Equestrian counterpart is sent down a path that will unravel a secret hidden for two-hundred millennia. As an unexplained phenomenon causes Equestria’s mana to slowly fade, Twilight discovers not only the forgotten history of both worlds, but the machinations of an elder dragon intent on destroying everything she holds dear.

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The spell to change Fluttershy back to normal worked! But she reverses back to Flutterbat during a full moon. How? Why? Not even Twilight really knows why.

What's more Sombra seems interested in her and the others catch them having a...strange and interesting conversation...by hissing. And no pony knows what the heck they're saying.

{Story based off the art C: Hiss by Evehly...also it's just a short random story}

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This is a story of a group of friends, brought together in ways that none of them expected and how they saw much of the history that happened when they were around.
NONE of this is cannon, of course, but more of a different point of view from those that were there and feel like how the historians got it WRONG.

The tags are labeled as such for future chapters.

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Oliver "Oli" Madsen prides himself as being one of the earliest fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon that aired the previous fall. Despite choosing to end his education after high school, he looks forward to a fun party and music-filled summer.

One day, Oli obtains a strange, but familiar looking book from a flea market whose blank pages mysteriously fill with text in a language he can somehow understand. Through the book's magic, Oli inadvertently transports himself to a land populated with characters he thought would only ever exist behind a screen.

This event will forever change the lives of Oli, his family, and his friends, both old and new...


My 10th Anniversary story and tribute of sorts to the series and the fandom.

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Monster of the River Ván, Fame-wolf, Bringer of Hlín’s Second Sorrow, Devourer of the Allfather…

These are some of the titles assumed by Fenrir, the gigantic wolf and son to Loki, god of mischief. Bound for centuries by the Æsir, he manages to slip from his enchanted bonds to participate in Ragnarök, the final battle between the gods and the various monsters of the Nine Realms. After killing Odin, Fenrir himself is slain by the silent god Vidar, his jaws torn apart and his heart impaled. Despite this, he dies content in the knowledge that he ate old One-Eye. Death, however, is not final.

Awakening in an unfamiliar forest, Fenrir discovers that he has been reincarnated, once more a wolf pup and living in a new realm filled with...sentient ponies?

*Inspired by Norse Mythology (hence the "crossover" tag)

Cover art by Dracuria

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While in Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle has come across a bat pony named Shadow Blaze, and he has his own ways of being tested by the daily trials of friendship. He has to see things in a different way than most ponies do. He may even teach Twilight and her friends a few things about friendship they didn't even know.

This is rated teen to be safe. Some ideologically sensitive topics will be present in this story.

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Spike tries to get Rarity the Right Christmas Present.
The CMC try to become fashion models.
Rainbow Dash is head of a construction site to create a race track.
Applejack learns to read.
But how will each story effect the other?

*Based Off MLP:FiM S1E1 to S3E10

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Twilight sparkle has a series of unusual dreams that seem to have real consequences.

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This story is a sequel to Temporary Rulers

Kohaku has long known he would meet his friend again. As hard as it is, he does his best to keep others from noticing just how badly that knife digs into him. but when his chaos causing daughter hits the scene, he faces the fact that he may have to reveal the past earlier than he wants.

The biggest question of all, is how Pearl will handle things when she is confronted with a bloodline, she never knew existed. and how big the can of worms this mare will open for everyone

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