Equestria was just a game, one of an endless number of semi-illicit online games created to take advantage of the ubiquity of cheap augmented reality hardware. But that changed, when for no reason anyone knows, the virtual population of Equestria woke up.

Two decades have gone by since then, and the world has been transformed. The former game network has grown to encompass the backbone of trade, infrastructure, and research the western world over. Its vast computational resources have given rise to an infinitely subdivided world of overlays and sublayers, coterminous with the various cities and towns within Equestria. Every person in the modern world is assigned a Synth, a pony personal assistant that adapts to their needs and helps them access those parts of the world governed by Equestria's systems.

It is a world Dakota barely remembers, thanks to an automobile accident that turned most of her body to mush. But thanks to the medical miracles created by joint equestrian-human research, her life is saved by a remarkably new series of implants.

But Dakota isn't content to sit around while her body slowly knits itself together. There are unanswered questions to answer, questions that will ultimately lead her to the oldest mystery of both worlds.

Updates every Saturday.

Sponsored on Patreon by the Illustrious Canary in a Coal Mine. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

This isn't part of the Optimalverse, or any other established fan-universe.

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Twilight Sparkle is completely disgusted with how she acted at the rehearsal of Shining Armor and Cadence's wedding. Deciding everypony would be better off without her, she runs away. Now, it's up to the Mane Five and Spike to find their runaway friend and make things right, all while Shining Armor has to deal with the fact that his bride might not be the same pony he once loved.

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This story is a sequel to Friendship Is Cynical

The cynical bastard, formerly known as Ryan Curtis, was no more. That person had died and been left to rot, leaving someone else in his place.
Rusty Nails, a human that finally broke free of his past, has found happiness over the years and is ready to start enjoying life. However, the mistakes of his former self have started to haunt him. Even while assuming a new identity, the memories of who he was before would occasionally resurface, plaguing his mind and tormenting him mercilessly.
After all this time of adventuring and discovering the man hidden beneath the monster, he is finally ready to return to his old home and make amends for all of the wrongs that his former self had committed. Unknown to him; There's more than just a few hurt feelings to make up for.

FEATURED: 9/9/18

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This story is a sequel to Insanity! Necromancy! Immortality! And... childhood?

For months, the Dovahkiin has chased Alduin. When he finally confronts him, Alduin barely escapes.

By running from his fate, he merely sealed it.

No creature runs from an Orc.

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Peppa, an ordinary Fallout 4 fan, decides to go to a con as an Assaultron, with a small satchel of miniature Fusion Cores and Robot Repair Kits. She buys a wearable Assaultron helmet and is somehow thrust into an alternate dimension.

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This is a collection of short stories about romance and love. Whether it's a love confession, a first date or just a quiet evening at home, this story will have them all.

It will also be a place to read about many different couples, I might write for one pair then write for those characters each with someone else (so none of these are in the same universe as any of my other stories or each of these individual stories either).

I hope I have something for everyone, which is my goal.

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A strange frog appears in front of Fluttershy when she is resting near a pond,when she goes to investigate she finds out that it's no ordinary frog. Now it's up to Rainbow Dash to find what is wrong with her friend.

(based off the Episode "Frog Wild" from the cartoon Kirby
Right Back at Ya!)

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Dragons are not hot! Or at least Twilight keeps telling herself. Seriously, what's wrong with a little meddling in transmogrification magic from time to time? It's not like there can be any... 'unexpected' side effects, right? Tried and tested, completely safe! That is, of course, if there's not somepony with a secret crush also involved.

(Sex tag for mature sex talk only, not explicit scenes will be featured in this story)

Featured: 12/4/18

Edited by: Emtu
Cover art created by: xWhiteDreamsx

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The Winged Hussars are the greatest warriors of history. You think a situation is bad, that you can’t escape? Just wait for the Winged Hussars.

They arrive, and they save you. It doesn’t even matter what dimension you’re in.

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This story is a sequel to Equestrian Border Checkpoint

Hi, I’m Anon. I’ll be your asshole for today. See, ever since I came to the Equestrian Border Checkpoint of Manehatten, I’ve done two things. Stamp papers, and insult everyone I pass. Keep in mind, that if I insult you, you’re either a genuinely crappy person, or I just wanted to do that because I’m bored. Anyway, glory to Equestria or some shit.

(Papers Please does NOT belong to me, but there isn’t a tag for it. Sex tag is for references to sex. Also, there’s a shizzle ton of swear words. It get heckin hectic .)

I’m starting to think, here at 12/14/18, that the only reason this gets to the featured list, is because it updates...

Of course, cover art was made by me.

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