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Anonymous, asshole extraordinaire and a rotten egg by all accounts, has fallen on good times after being made a commander of the Storm King's vast armies. With the King's forces and equipment at his fingers, he's found great success conquering nations, sowing chaos, and kicking the asses of all walks of life. All while having a rip-roaring great time doing it.
But the day of the Storm King's biggest conquest to date - the nation of Equestria - looms just around the corner. All that's left now is the final few preparations for the invasion: loose ends to tie up, new weapons to seize, and even some co-commanders to annoy to no end. And once those are complete, Anon will be the first in line to take Equestria as his next conquest.
God help us all.

This isn't the first horse story I've written, but it is the first one that is prose instead of greentext. And I'm still a bit rusty on top of all that. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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After a nightmarish magical error, a small group of university students sent to Equestria for a study are now unable to return home. Permanently. Companionship with one another had never become more important for them.

Well, minus one. His name was Joey Belfort. Nothing quite remarkable or unremarkable about him on the surface, which unfortunately often leads to being overlooked. Constantly forgotten, overshadowed by his peers. Sometimes the road to success is a treacherous and painful one.

Of course, he of all people already knows this. This is his story.

(Takes place in G4 after Twilight becomes a princess.)

Edit: Featured on day 2 of release! Holy cow! Thank you guys!

Double edit: featured again!! That's craaazy

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to An Aeternian's Conviction

A declaration of conditional war. A corrupted alicorn destined to return. A unicorn with promises to reap vengeance with new power. All these issues that Equestria faces have eyes on them by the same Aeternian. Arctus finds a balance in all aspects of his life, one that a Storm threatens.

And he still has issues of his own, planning an event, ensuring war never reaches Equestrian soil, finding the truth of his birth, and ensuring a creature continues to grow with him.

Third and final story in series. First story is The Pointed Woodsmaster.

Reading prior stories is heavily recommended.

Contains alcohol use, implied sex, and excessive violence.

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to The Pointed Woodsmaster

Kanna, a Litzrer Captain, was slain at the hand of Arctus who now sits in recovery after refusing to slam the knocker at death's door. Sunset Shimmer has fled to a different world with a promise to battle Arctus in a sinister manner.

The entire time, the Master Scout intends to nurture his relationship with Celestia while protecting the nation from any large shapes coming from the shadows in Equestria.

I chose to separate these stories as each is a different conflict in this large running series. Each story tells a large tale with small little plots intertwining between them.

Contains alcohol use and talk of, but not detailed description, sex. Mentioned offhandedly. Tags added.

It is heavily recommended to read The Pointed Woodsmaster prior to this.

Comes before Launching the Last Star

Chapters (17)

Arctus is a unique existence in the hell that's he's been thrust into. As a scout, he had all the tools he needed and was used to spending time in the woods; but not quite like this, let alone with avoiding some of these creatures.

But from iron bars, it can't be this bad from here on.

Comes before An Aeternian's Conviction.

Chapters (12)

Destiny or chaos, I wouldn't know the reason, but for some reason my life had a clean slate.

Now I am Wizbell Star, a little colt with great desires to explore magic and this new place full of Ponies?

Here the magic is real, not a delirium, not a visual falsehood, it is tangible!! I can do magic, study it, understand it, a small childish desire comes back to give me a purpose to live.

Now I am not just another cog in a society that tries to get money for tomorrow without any ambition or purpose beyond surviving.

For the first time... I am living.

I will add the tags during the course of the story because I'm not sure whether to add some of them or not, so I will only add them when I have some content that supports having them.

Chapters (8)

Twilight thought she was coming into her own as Princess of Equestria.

With each passing day, she grew more confident in herself, her choices, and her ability to rule. She even began holding her own court these days, and enjoyed hearing out problems and working on solutions for her subjects.

Yes, she really felt like she was getting a handle on it all, and could deal with just about anything her subjects and the position of princess could throw at her.

Then a little green filly waltzed in and threw her one heck of a curve ball.

"I believe Cozy Glow should be freed."

Excuse me, what?

Twilight had no idea what she was in for, and all the aspirin in Equestria wouldn't be enough to sooth the headaches to come.

Was there something in the Equestrian water supply that was turning cute fillies into devious little monsters, or is she just that unlucky? Well, at least this one didn't seem bent on world domination. At least, Twilight hopes she isn't. This green nightmare might be even harder to stop than Cozy Glow if she ever put her mind to it.

This is not a "Cozy did nothing wrong and the main cast is evil," fic. Just a little filly who may or may not be more than they seem offering a different perspective on the whole situation involving an evil little villainess and what is the best thing to do with her.

Chapters (6)

Warning: This story and this description both contain spoilers for the Web Novel: Worm. If you don't want to be spoiled, read Worm first, then come back and read this

The apocalypse had come at the hand of a god-like multidimensional alien entity. Taylor Hebert, a parahuman with power over bugs and bug-like things has her powers altered by a former enemy and subsequently uses morally questionable means to make everyone in existence with superpowers fight this evil deity, eventually defeating him.

This however came with a cost. Her mind was deteriorating as her power was subsuming her. Thus another cape decided it would be a mercy to put a pair of bullets in the back of her skull.

Another entity witnessed all of this. This entity, grateful for Taylor's role in stopping this alien god and thus saving countless worlds and thus countless lives, decides to intervene. It brings Taylor to Equestria turning her into a Changeling Queen in the process.

(Warning, Dark, Death, and/or Tragedy may be added to the list of tags in the future, depending on how things go. Furthermore, the Suicide tag is for the references to suicide in the description and in the first chapter. Suicide and/or self harm will NOT be a major theme in this story.)

(This is a crossover with the web novel called Worm by the author Wildbow. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't, it's a really good story!)

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to An Apple Sleep Experiment

It’s been seven years since the great massacre, and ponies are still trying to cope in the aftermath. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and her friends (minus one obvious apple) are preparing for the annual memorial, when an unexpected castle guest threatens to disrupt the peace in Ponyville forever.

This is the OFFICIAL Sequel to my previous story "An Apple Sleep Experiment", both of which have audio/visual adaptations on Youtube! For the sequel, it will be in four parts, linked here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Chapters (7)

On that fateful night on the moon, the princess of night is truly no more, and from those ashes, rises a new entity that is forced to take over her mantle, all her good and her sin.

Destiny weaved by the harmony itself laid before her. A part of the grand story, to be a tutorial villain, to be an exposition giver's sidekick, and to be slaved away beside the golden throne, then retired to a hut in god knows where, lost in history.

"Fuck that I'm out"

And so begin a new tale.

  1. Half of "dark" tags are there as precaution because i will skimps over a bit but very rarely. for example Non-consensual will be use one time on no-name one-time oc character in a flashback. as far as i planned currently.
  2. This is my first time writing a long novel. I promised to post the full plot outline somewhere if I somehow unable to finish it.
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