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  • 2 weeks
    The My Little Pony Renaissance Contest


    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the final grand acts of My Little Pony Generation 4. Generation 5 Is scheduled to be released this coming September 2021 and in order to get ready I (Dezmo) have decided to host a major writing contest in the spirit of the upcoming change in the show.


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  • 6 weeks
    May 2021 Pairing Contest

    It's May! You know what that means, right?

    Welcome to the May 2021 Pairing Contest!

    The May Pairing Contest? What's that?

    If you've been on fimfiction for more than two days, you've probably noticed that the characters you see used in stories are typically only used with each other (for instance, the mane 6 plus Anon, Vinyl Scratch x Octavia, Derpy Hooves and Dr. Hooves, etc.) The May Pairing Contest is a competition to see who can write the best content by using two characters who we rarely see interact with each other. It's basically a fun way to get your creativity out and discover what would happen if two ponies who never get stories with each other (such as Princess Cadence and Fleur De Lis) just happened to be involved in the same plot!

    So what are the rules?

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  • 11 weeks
    Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

    Contest By: GaPJaxie, Cold in Gardez, and Skywriter

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  • 44 weeks
    AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Event

    A lot of us have been stuck inside for the better part of the year, and might need a little bit of a pick-me-up. That's why this event has one, simple mission:

    Bring a little warmth and happiness to someone's day!

    During the month of August, each person who writes an AppleDash (romance or friendshipping) story full of the warm-and-fuzzies and publishes it to FIMFiction will receive $15! It's that simple! This is not a contest and there’s no judging involved!

    Beyond that, there's no prompt, so feel free to write a grand adventure, cute romance, captivating mystery, or whatever else your heart desires!

    In a nutshell: someone should be able to read your story and walk away feeling better about their day.

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  • 45 weeks
    Cozy Glow Short Story Contest

    The time has come to celebrate our favorite filly! The Cozy Glow group is delighted to host its first short story contest. Cash prizes in the form of amazon gift codes will be awarded to the top finishers. In addition, the first place entry will receive a work of visual art depicting a (SFW) scene of the author’s choice. Why not enter and express your devotion to the true Empress of Friendship?


    All stories must:

    -Adhere to the site rules

    -Be between 5k and 10k words in length

    -Contain Cozy Glow as a central character

    -Not endorse or feature any specific sexual theme beyond the existing categories and tags on Fimfiction

    -Be written in English

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  • 54 weeks

    Hey everyone!

    So it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to host a contest, but you know what they say: There's no time like the present! That being said, I think it's high time I host another one... and an interesting one at that!


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  • 58 weeks
    The May 2020 Pairing Contest

    It's May! You know what that means, right?

    Welcome to the May 2020 Pairing Contest!

    We had such a great turnout last year, so I've been waiting for months to announce that we're going to be bringing it back this year as well! If you competed last year, the rules are going to be basically the same. If this is your first time, welcome to the contest! Let's get started.

    The May Pairing Contest? What's that?

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  • 64 weeks
    The Halloween in April Horror Contest

    It’s coming up on April, and the world is a very scary place right now. What better way to distract ourselves than to frighten everyone around us with horror stories?! Fimfiction doesn’t feature as many good, scary horror stories as ‘Slice of Life’ or ‘Comedy,’ and we here at the Barcast think it's time to change all that!

    Announcing: The Halloween in April Horror Contest!

    That’s right, we want YOU to write a genuinely scary horror story or two to help spooky up this difficult time. You can have your story featured prominently by the Barcast, and win fabulous prizes!

    What you’ll be judged on:
    -Is it error-free?

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  • 72 weeks
    Anon Filly Contest - Pony Transformation General

    Hello Everyone!

    Today we have a contest centered around Anonfilly to share with you. As a reminder, unless otherwise stated, this and all other contests featured are neither officially run by any staff members of Fimfiction nor officially affiliated with us; they are entirely run by the community. If you have an event or contest of your own you think may qualify for a social site post like this, you can find the criteria here.

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  • 73 weeks
    Jake The Army Guy's Horse Word Extravaganza

    Hello Everyone!

    We have the pleasure of sharing with you info for a contest featuring different species from Friendship is Magic. Below is a brief summary with a link to the full contest info. As a reminder, unless otherwise stated, this and all other contests featured are neither officially run by any staff members of Fimfiction nor officially affiliated with us; they are entirely run by the community. If you have an event or contest of your own you think may qualify for a social site post like this, you can find the criteria here.

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Competition » A Most Delightful Ponidox · 5:49pm Sep 4th, 2020

Contest by: FanOfMostEverything

Ever since Equestria Girls established that parallel universes are very much a thing in this setting, I’ve loved having different versions of the same person interact. There are only a few hundred stories out of more than a hundred thousand on the site devoted to that. Those are, in the words of Mark Hanna, rookie numbers. Let’s go bump those numbers up.

The prompt for this one is simple: Two or more distinct instances of the same person have to interact. Whether it’s double Rainbows racing like Superman and the Flash, two Sombras going to war against one another, or just a blessing of Sunsets in the Isekai.

Word limit: 15,000 or fewer.
Rating limit: Everyone or Teen
Submissions open: 12 PM EST, September 6th. Be sure to add it to the contest group!
Submission deadline: 11:59 your time zone, October 18th (Note: Moving west solely to give yourself a few more hours is not recommended.)
Results announced: TBD; I definitely can’t say before we know how many submissions come in.

Prize support:
1st: $100
2nd: $75
3rd: $50

See the announcement blog for more details, judge sign-ups, and PAQs (Probably Asked Questions.)

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Comments ( 30 )

To be clear, the "I" in there refers to me and not Wanderer D. While I imagine he's fond of the concept himself, I don't want to put words in his mouth through my own mangled pronouns. :twilightsheepish:

I'm starting to imagine all the Pinkie stories. But I might hop on this bandwagon. If I have time.

That is a nice competition prompt! Wacky hijinks incoming!

Submission deadline: 11:59 your time zone, October 18th (Note: Moving west solely to give yourself a few more hours is not recommended.)

I chuckled there.

Dan #4 · Sep 4th, 2020 · · ·

<3 Gilbert and Sullivan reference <3

Born on leap year ...

Hmm... think up a whole new premise or go with that one sequel idea I had to a previous entry and inevitably disappoint myself and everyone around me when it completely fails to live up to the original? :moustache:

Oh no, man, Wanderer does everything these days. He's most famous for writing every single SA review ever created.

several gags near the end of THIS video came to mind:

Oooo...I've got the perfect WIP story for this. :pinkiecrazy:

No spoilers.

That moment when you already have a story about a character that can freely travel the multiverse. This feels like it's perfect for me.

This is so tempting...I wanna do it...but I shouldn't...but I wanna do it! But I shouldn't!!! :raritydespair:

Never really thought about the idea in terms of a story, but I did have one very random thought related to this at one point. That is that if Rainbow Dash ever met her alternate self, they'd immediately start making out. Don't think I could base a whole story around that though.

Well, this one is a nogo for me as I'm not experienced enough to write this kind of story. Good luck to the rest of you tho:heart:

Okay. I just looked at the picture up there. And it brought a smile to my face. Cute and funny.... kinda like I wish I was.

I have two words for you. Maud. Pie.

Consider it a writing challenge to describe a single kiss in no less than 1000 words. And end with Not bad but Big Mac was better.

Plus Author's Note Bonus Scene: There was a nervous cough and n stereo. The Macintoshes glanced around. "I'll, uh, be in my bunk."


Word limit: 15,000 or fewer.

This is a direct attack upon everything I hold dear! :pinkiecrazy:


but I shouldn't

How could one be supposed to not participate in a FoME contest? :derpytongue2:

You know, as someone who volunteered to help FoME judge this contest has never placed in one of FoME's contests, I would find it sad that someone turned away simply because they didn't feel experienced enough. FoME's contests are a blast, and you've gotta get experience from somewhere. :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't be surprised if FoME considered it a choice between a word limit or 'enough judges'.

Oh now you're making me consider. You ahole:rainbowlaugh:

But would it be funnier in pony form or human form...
Big Mac pony for would not be able to hide his... guilt. I don't write nsfw, but that would also be funnier. Dang.

5348711 Mostly joking. Mostly. I tried to do a flashfic thing recently—it ended up becoming 20k words.

Anywho, I had a dream last night (fueled by a double of Glenlivet before bed) that should shape up into a nice (and slightly naughty) T + Sex story that fits this theme. Now to plot it out and see if I can squeeze it into 15000 words. 🙃

This might explain Lyra's fixation on humans, if Trixie pulled human-Trixie out of a hat a couple times...

Trixie made a deal with Trixie, for every time Trixie pulls Trixie out of a hat Trixie gets to do the same to Trixie.

Oh, I have a wonderful Pinky Pie conspiracy in mind...

... sadly I cannot muster the time to write, I'm afraid.

Well, next time then, maybe.

"You were expecting The Great and Powerful Trixie to pull a Rabit from her hat!!"
What does fluttershy do? Does she:
A. Proceed to faint, shortly after a brief shriek.
B. Look at Trixies, unimpressed, and say "Trixies, this is the fifth time today you've pulled eachother out of your hats."
C. Sigh and move along, continuing her search for her angel bunny.

Oh, here's another idea, Equestrian Angel meets Earth Angel when fluttershy visits equestria, and is disgusted that any version of himself could be jusf a simple animal, and be a little jealous because his idiot counterpart can actually squeak, whereas he was born mute.
I look forward to seeing all the stories that come out of this. And I appreciate that a group of Sunsets is called a Blessing.
(If anyone wants to write a full story for my ideas, please do!)

I have now officially written the most ridiculous opening line to a story I have ever done. I hope you're happy FoME!

Stares nervously at notes for sequel to story about infinite Twilight Sparkles.

Since I wager most people's minds are turning towards either EQG or other parallel dimensions, I thought it might be best to ask for explicit clarification: is time travel fine for this? So long as they're traveling to s point within their own history/future and meeting a past/future self?

Time travel's perfectly acceptable.

Splendid! Time to make an extended homage to something I'm sure no one else will remember.

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