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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

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  • Saturday
    So then, Doctor Who

    Loved it! A few little quibbles, not all the acting from the newcomers was stellar and sadly parts of the gender-related stuff felt awkward and forced, eg "something a male-presenting Time Lord wouldn't understand", but I liked much more than I didn't. Plus one of my worries about the new Disney-cash-infused Who has been dispelled: this definitely did

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  • 6 weeks
    Bloody Covid

    Fortunately not in the literal sense! But yeah, I'm currently stuck at home, yet not feeling well enough to concentrate on ponyfic. It's a seriously annoying combination. :pinkiesick:

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    UK PonyCon report

    This is inelegantly copy/pasted over from the (slightly) nicer looking report over on Louder Yay. Of course, I'm sure you all read Louder Yay anyway because you're such great people, but just in case here's the report here as well...

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    Back from (some of) UK PonyCon

    Even though it was a shorter affair for me this year than usual, it was still great to get to Nottingham for UK PonyCon. As ever, a big part of this was catching up with friends I hadn't seen for a long time, especially at the pre-meet at the Roebuck on Friday night. The two names that people on here are most likely to know are Ghost Mike and hawthornbunny, but there were quite a few more --

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    To (some of) UK PonyCon!

    Yes, I'm off to Nottingham tomorrow. Sadly for a variety of reasons, not least the continuing financial fallout of that car accident in June, I can only attend the Saturday daytime (until about 6pm) portion of the convention this year -- but that's much better than nothing! This year's guests of honour are Kelly Sheridan and Elley-Ray Hennessy, and while matching last year (Actual Fluttershy,

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Fics I reviewed in May 2023 · 5:54pm June 30th

For reasons relating to with my last blog post and various things connected with that, I have been almost permanently tired over the last few weeks. One of the upshots of that is that I've been concentrating on things I need to do, to the detriment of some things I don't. One of those is this monthly update, but I am managing to get this out (just!) before the end of the month, so I'm quite pleased about that. Here we go... as always, click on the underlined intros to see the reviews themselves.

Ponyfic Roundup 440 contains reviews of:
A Moment of Truth by A Man Undercover ★★
Quiet Boy and Moon Horse by horizon ★★★★★
Little Twilight and the Scary monsters by Luna_pulsar222 ★★
The Endeavor Within by Mike Cartoon Pony ★★★
Trixie And Her Amazing Pet Changeling by Georg ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 441 contains reviews of:
For the Love of Science by Cold in Gardez ★★★★
The Hug by the dobermans ★★★
The Perfect Drink by GaPJaxie ★★★★
Amo Ergo Sum by DrakeyC ★★★
Eternity by DawnFade ★★★

Ponyfic Roundup 442 contains reviews of:
Firelight by MegatronsPen ★★★
B.B.B.F.F.B.R. by 8686 ★★★★
The Many Deaths of Twilight Sparkle by Jinzou ★★★
The Bun, The Oven, and The Muffin Man by Crosis ★★★
When The Rain Fell by Alicorn ★★

Ponyfic Roundup 443 contains reviews of:
A Real Pegasus by astrolatryy ★★★★
How The Mighty Fall by ReaderReads ★★★
Storm Siren by Undome Tinwe ★★★★
Symbiosis by Silent Whisper ★★★
"Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Squirt" by gmen15 ★★

Ponyfic Roundup 444 contains reviews of:
Four Truths by Decaf ★★★
Four To The Floor by Cardinal Dan Productions ★★
Four Little Words by chillbook1 ★★★
All Four Love by Scribbley Wibbley ★
Four Friends Play A Board Game by GeodesicDragon ★★
Four Dresses of Love by elmago02 ★★
Four of One by Divide ★★

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so it's not just me who feels like they've been tired since February then? x_x

February which year? :rainbowwild:

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