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Discord has ruled Equestria for years, and Celestia is at the end of her rope. As a last, desperate attempt to defeat him, she invites him to play The Game of Four Truths. Whenever one player loses a round, they must tell a truth to the other.
Can Celestia defeat Discord? More importantly, does she want to?

(Tagged death because the characters talk about it a lot.)

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Celestia wondered why he'd chosen a melon baller specifically, then decided she didn't want to ask.

"Somepony hasn't looked through all four suits. There's a different utensil for each!"

A fascinating battle of wits and philosophies, though the stakes on Celestia's side never feel especially weighty, and not just because of the foregone conclusion. We don't know what she's already lost, and most of the consequences of failure seem like things Discord could do anyway if he bothered. Still, that's background to an excellently tense confrontation. Nice work.

A strange and interesting story. Thanks.

...?! Ok, this was very strange. Well done!

Good but needs polish

The cards seemed normal, though the queen was a crudely drawn Celestia smacking herself in the face with a melon baller, and the king was a regal Discord smiling smugly on a throne.

This line made me burst out laughing.

"In a perfect world, such choices wouldn't have to be made," Celestia said.

"It's a good thing the world is perfect now," said Discord.

This single exchange sums up the relationship between the pair of them so stupidly well, in context.

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Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who commented. I've drafted a response to every comment here, but I can't think of anything to say to you guys other than thank you, so I figured I'd just consolidate all that into one comment here.
So, thanks again. :twilightsmile:

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