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I came up with this little story while having (And still having) writers block for My Little Twilight. I just can't figure out what to write for it. So anyways, I'm writing this and will continue this until I figure out what to do with My Little Twilight. Anyways here's the description. This story is based 30 years after Twilight Sparkle came to Ponyville. Rainbow had lost everything important to her. Money, jobs, love, a child...

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What happens when Princess Celestia is introduced to the Internet, and even worse, finds out about trolls. Hope you all like as comedy.

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This story is based off of My Little Dashie by ROBCakeron, ty600500, and EPICBG. They're My Little Dashie's stories were the best things I have ever read, so now I bring all you Twilight fans, My Little Twilight.

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In Canterlot three friends named Zephyr Dash, Crystal Dancer and Dream Treasure are pony napped one day and recruited to join a elite spy pony force. They must save Canterlot from the evil that lurks the underworld. The question is- will they survive this task?

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