My Little Twilight

by zephyrdash


AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry for the small chapter. I haven't been working on stories for weeks, and I have a HUGE test I've been studying for. REALLY sorry for the wait.


Twilight was playing the Wii happily. I was sleeping on the couch. She was probably hoping she wouldn't wake me up because of her "loud reading". Twilight suddenly started to cry. I instantly woke up. "What's wrong, Twi?" I asked. "I heard glass break! I don't know what's going on!" I ran into the kitchen. There was a man standing right in front of me. "Are you Jack Leon?" he asked. "Y-Yes" I replied. "Come with me. We've got some questions for you. But first, grab your little pony." "Y-y-yessir..." I grabbed Twilight quickly. "What's going on?" she asked. "I don't know, we just need to go."

"Follow me." the man said. There was a helicopter parked in my BACKYARD. "Are you people crazy?! What do you think your doing, putting a helicopter in my backyard?!" I screamed at the man. He didn't reply, so I just kept on walking. The man opened the helicopter's door and let me in.


I couldn't believe my eyes. We were at Dreamland. Area 51. I was surprised how I was the ONLY human to see this base so close up. "Keep following me" the man said. We walked into a little room with 8 seats, supposedly one for him, one for Twilight and one for me, but who was the other seats for? "Take a seat, but only one for both of you." I was confused. Who was going to sit in the other seats? Then they walked in. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the rest of the Mane 6 and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They were all very young, and the CMC were probably the size of two rulers put together. They were obviously only days old. Rarity held Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash held Scootaloo and Applejack held Apple Bloom. Then ANOTHER pony walked in. It was Braeburn Apple. "Well, howdy y'all!" yelled Braeburn. "Sit down please, Mister Apple." "Aw, y'don't need ta call me Mister! I might be the oldest outta all the other ponies, but ah still should just be called by mah name!" Braeburn said. Everyone sat down, the last seat left over for Braeburn, but he just laid on the floor against the wall. "Where did they all come from?" I asked. "Before I tell you that, I must introduce myself. I am Timothy Ormond. Now, will you explain, Braeburn?" asked Timothy.

"Well, all that ah remember, probably more then these fillies, is that ther' friend Twa'light casted a spell on all of us ponies, y'see, and it was supposed to increase our abilities in things we weren't good at, ah'nd next, we all shrunk down ta tiny little ponies, me only a few years, but them decades, y'hear?" explained Braeburn. "Thank you, Braeburn. Now, Jack, I trust you are familiar with all these ponies, after all, you are a brony, correct?" asked Timothy. "Yes, I am, but I haven't watched the show ever since I found Twilight." I said. "What show, da-" "Shh, Twilight. This doesn't concern you." Much I thought. "And where did you find this pony, Jack?" Timothy asked again.

I then explained where and how I'd found Twilight. "Okay, now, we have some quest---" The compound rumbled. "W-what was that, Bob?" asked Timothy through his radio. "WE DON'T KNOW, SIR! IT JUST KEEPS HITTING AGAINST US! IT'S GOT PARTS OF EAGLES, BULLS OR SOMETHIN, PONIES AND MORE!" yelled Bob through the radio. "Oh no. It's Discord!" I said. "Who's this Discord, Jack?!" Timothy sounded like he had just lost his family.

"He's got the parts of a whole bunch of animals, and he's the God Of Chaos in the show. He can turn the world into a joke-- or at least that's what he thinks--- and make everyone act... funny... very... very... funny..." I explained. "GYAH!!!" There were screams coming from the radio. "Bob?! BOB!? ARE YOU THERE?! BOB! RESPOND! Oh no. They must be dead." Timothy whammed the EMERGENCY button which was on the wall, smashing the glass covering it. His hands were covered in blood. "EVACUATE! COME ON, YOU ALL! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!" But then everything just went black.

AUTHORS NOTE (AGAIN): Hoped you enjoyed the chapter! After my test (Which I've been studying for for like, 5 weeks) I will be writing more, and the test is on Friday, so by Tuesday chapter 6 SHOULD be up.