My Little Twilight

by zephyrdash


NOTE: I have deleted "The Flashes" because I was pretty stupid that day and it had NOTHING to do with the storyline. This chapter does not involve the Doctor or Derpy or anyone else.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Twilight pestered Jack. He groaned.

"Not now Twily... C'mon..."

"No! Look! Look at this!" she said excitedly.

Twilight jumped at the TV. It was like a solid block. It didn't move an inch.


Twilight SOMEHOW grabbed the remote with her hooves. Jack was amazed. He knew this was possible in the show, or was it? He didn't remember. Since he got Twilight he didn't watch the show. That is, not like he would never watch it again. It was actually on its 6th season. Hasbro and the Hub had decided to make each season 13 episodes long, therefore at the end of each season there was a 3 month wait in between, then 13 more episodes. It was a good plan, actually. Hasbro had sadly announced that it only had 4 more seasons, which made a total of 10 seasons. But then, a Hasbro employee had leaked that G5 would come, and would be based on the children of the Mane Six.

Anyways, back to the story.

"Watch! I recorded it for you last night!"

She clicked the remote with her nose. Jack stifled a laugh. When she had went into the recordings, though, this is what he had found...



Jack hopped up and grabbed the remote, deleting the episodes of both of the My Little Pony generations.

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing... Those shows are very... inappropriate.. and.. just... nevermind..."

"But daddy, I've been watching it for a couple of months now."

Jack froze. Had she been watching My Little Pony (FiM and the other generation there) for 2 months?!

"Yeah! Doctor Who is a great show!"

Jack sighed. That was a relief.

"I really wanted to check out that My Little Pony, though... Eh. It sounded too stupid anyways."


Jack and Twilight had gotten breakfast and went outside to play. Time was going nicely for Jack. If Twilight hadn't came, by lore, he would have died that night. The rupture in time had caused Twilight to come to Jack. A week before Twilight had come, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. He had 1 week and 5 days to live. In 7 days, one week, Twilight had come. That rupture there had saved his life. When he went to the doctor a couple of days later, his cancer was completely gone.

"You know, Twilight. You saved my life."

"How so, daddy?"

"You saved me from great depression. And with that comes... ugh... nevermind that. Tag!"

Jack tapped Twilight. She rolled over, giggling. She rushed after Jack, who had always been a fast runner, but not fast enough to leave Twilight in the dust.

Later that night, Jack and Twilight rolled into bed. Twilight went straight to sleep, while Jack stayed up for a while. Fixed points in time, son! Think! A time rupture could send another creature from another universe into ours. It would rip a huge hole in time and space! Of course, there is a small chance of this happening... Jack remembered his fathers' explanation on time. His father had been studying time, as scientists had believed for the past 50 years that there may be a rip in time and space. Jack ignored it and fell off to sleep.


A man was wandering in all the dust and dirt. His name was Jack. He was apart of the Kalico Kat clan. Hard to believe that only 37 years ago, he had only been 21. He had taken care of a magical little pony. That was all behind him now. All of it. He never wanted to look back to 15 years ago. Taken. Life wasted. Destroyed. He felt terrible. All lost. He stayed in hiding for 13 years, until the Kalico Kats found him. He was now one of the Lieutenants in the clan. They'd given him a home, food, clothes, but he could never forget that terrible day.

A cloud of dust blew up in front of him. He toppled over. "Wake up. You're having a bad dream! Wake up!"