• Published 21st Jan 2012
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Pony Chronicles - zephyrdash

The story of three adventurous ponies on a quest to destroy the evil that threatens Canterlot

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Chapter 2

"Hello there, little ones." said Princess Celestia with a smile on her face. "Me and my sister came to see you three. We have a question to ask you."
"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" cried Crystal Dancer. "PRINCESS LUNA!" yelled Dream Treasure. Zephyr Dash was shocked. It was taking him a long time for him to process this. "What is wrong with this little one?" asked Princess Luna. "Oh, he's just shocked. It happens all the time. Sometimes shocked by electricity while repairing things, sometimes shocked at moments. He'll be fine." said Dream Treasure. "P-p-p-p-Princess C-c-Celestia? P-p-Princess-Lu-Luna?" said a shocked Zephyr Dash. "Luna, do you remember the spell that makes Colts come to they're senses?" "Er- yes... But I don't think we should use it..." "Oh he'll be fine. Just do it." "Okay, sorry about this, little one." *WHAM!* Princess Luna slapped Zephyr Dash with her horn. "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" screamed a sobbing Zephyr Dash. It obviously hurt Luna more then it hurt Zephyr Dash. "Sorry, little one. It was the only way to get you to come to your senses. "Please forgive me." "OH I'LL FORGIVE YOU WHEN I--" *WHAM!* Princess Celestia slapped Zephyr Dash in the face with her horn, and knocks him out. "I'm guessing that Colt was too dazed to come to his senses." chuckled Princess Celestia. A glow came from Luna's horn, and zapped Zephyr Dash. He awoke right at that second. "Duhhh... Huh? Oh. Where was I? I'LL FORGIVE YOU WHEN I--" *WHAM!!!* Princess Celestia hit him on the head. The Princess then hooked up an IV to Zephyr Dash. His heart was not beating. "CLEAR!" yelled the Doctor. "GAH!" Zephyr Dash's heart was beating again. "Okay, Zephyr, don't get mad. You were dazed when they were hitting you. Don't get mad again or they might hit you harder" said Crystal. "Okay okay. Why are they even here?" "We are here to ask you three to help us against the evil that lurks Canterlot. He is what always causes those tornadoes, and we need to stop him. We do not know his true name, but we nicknamed him The Tornado. Please, show me your right hooves for a moment." explained Princess Celestia. The three showed them they're right hooves, and to they're surprise, they all had stars on them. "You three are part of the prophecy of Murlok. Starswirl The Bearded wrote this prophecy, and you three are called The Holders. You hold the powers to defeat any evil. Please, help us destroy The Tornado, and your families, along with you, will recieve Honor." said Princess Celestia.

CHAPTER 3 COMING SOON!!! I'M REALLY BUSY, SO I NEED TO FIND SOME IDEAS!!! Thank you so much for reading!!!

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Just wanted to comment on the names issue here. I know zephyrdash from another site, and he asked some of the members for characters to use in the story. He used everyone's usernames and put them into a name generator instead of using the given names. Not what I would've done, but whatever. Just wanted to clear that up. Also "Crystal Dancer" was my older OC, Dynamite Spark.

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