My Little Twilight

by zephyrdash

Waking Up

Jack woke up instantly. Twilight was panting beside him on the bed. The panting started getting slower. "D-daddy. You were making weird...Uh...You hear them..." "Noises" Jack corrected. "Yeah! You were all" Twilight hopped up on her four hooves and pretended to be a monster. "You were all like this, RAWR, UGH, NARHG, AHAHA" Jack laughed at Twilight. His little filly was growing up so fast. "Don't worry, it was just a nightmare. You got them when you were younger then this, you know. You'd always scream in your crib, sometimes it was funny, sometimes---" "Hey! That's not funny, daddy!" "Sometimes it was scary." Jack explained. Jack wondered what the time was. He checked the clock. 7:00 in the morning. "Well, since we're up, better get started with the day."

Jack started off with a bowl of Cheerios, but gave Twilight a few pieces of lettuce IN a bow of Cheerios. "What is this, daddy?" Twilight asked. "It's called lettuce. It's very healthy, but I'm allergic." Jack lied. He hated doing that. He actually loved lettuce, but would only get up at night to eat it, while Twilight was still asleep. "Does it taste good?" she said. "Yes, it's very good." Twilight took a bit, chewed for a few seconds, then started gobbling it all up. "*CHOMP* Mwowe pwewe *CHOMP*" Twilight said with a full mouth. "Are you trying to say "More Please?"" Twilight nodded. Jack grabbed a huge plate of lettuce and placed it in front of Twilight. She ate it up quickly.

After Jack and Twilight cleaned up, Twilight asked to go outside. "Erm... I don't think that would be a good idea..." Jack looked outside, where it was pouring with thunder and lightning. Oh shit! The lightning rod! Jack thought. He forgot to put his lightning rod up last week after he bought it. What if Twilight recognizes it and she goes back to Equestria?! Can that even happen?! How will I explain it to her?! Jack was worried. He had the lightning rod in the garage, but if he went and set it up now, Twilight would see it. What should he do? "Uh, hello?" Twilight said. Jack shook himself out of his thoughts. "Erm, we can't go outside because... uhh..." Twilight interrupted, who had a "Toddler Dictionary". "Thunder and lightning! It says here "Thunder is the sound of lightning as it rumbles through the sky, and lightning is an electric bolt." That's cool!" Jack was amazed at how far her reading skills had gotten. "How about we play a game on your Wii?" Jack asked. Twilight nodded fast.

Hours passed by as they played Super Mario Brothers on Twilight's Wii. Jack heard very loud thunder, and in seconds the power was out. "What's going on?" Twilight asked. "The power went out. Shucks! And we were just on the final level of World 6." Jack never DARED to swear around Twilight. If she picked that up, who knows what would happen? Jack read the clock, trying to tell time. How stupid am I! The power is out and I looked at an electric clock! Jack felt one of those Derpy like moments, where he felt so clumsy and stupid. He felt like yelling "HURR DURR I'M SO STUPID HURR DURR" but Twilight would think he'd gone crazy.

"Twilight, I have to ask you something."

"What is it, Daddy?"

"Do you happen to know any other... ponies...?"

Twilight looked shocked. She never thought about it before. She thought for a few moments.

"Oh! I know some! One is named uh... Dash... but something comes before Dash... Daring? Flying? Zephyr? No... Uhh... there's a few more... Apple...Apple....something to do with apples! Then there's one who loves gems... uhhh... Rare? Rare Gemstone? Rare... Rare... I can't remember!"

"That's fine. Just continue."

"Then there's one called Pink... Pink... Pinkie..."

Twilight glanced at the Pie Mix Jack had put on the coffee table.

"Pinkie Pie! Yes! That's one! Then there's another... She loved animals, and a part of her name was Shy... Buttershy? Butterfly? Flutterfly? No! Fluttertree! I think that was it!"

Jack cracked up.

"What's wrong, daddy?"

"Oh nothing. Come on, lets see if we can get the power back on."

Jack ran downstairs, while Twilight followed. "Aha! The fuse!" He ran to the fusebox. When he opened it a yellow light appeared and zapped him. He staggered.

"Daddy! What's wrong? Daddy?! DAAAADDDDYYYYY!!!!!"


Jack woke up on his bed. "How did I... Twilight? Twilight?! Where are you?!" Jack looked around. "Right here, daddy! I'm glad you're awake!"

"How long was I asleep?" "A few days." Twilight replied.

Jack's jaw dropped. A few days?! Who was taking care of Twilight?!

"Who was taking care of you?!" Twilight giggled. "Myself, silly!"

"That means you've been taking care of me?!" Jack said, still shellshocked.

"Of course! And the power came back on a few hours after you got shocked!"

"Well, I'm fine now." Jack looked at his electric clock, which seemed to be working again. "It's 11:47 AM?!" he yelled.

"Er--I mean... that's good! Let's go outside for a while, shall we?"

Twilight jumped with joy. Jack saw that as a "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" answer. They both ran outside.