• Published 22nd Feb 2012
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My Little Twilight - zephyrdash

A story based off of My Little Dashie, comes a story of me and my life with Twilight Sparkle

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2 Month's Later

EARLY AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter is as long as I can get for today. I will have the 3rd chapter tomorrow, though. I hope whoever is reading enjoys and also hope you continue to read it. The chapter comes in parts, not like in Chapter to Chapter, but I will label a part with PART 1. Thank you all SO MUCH for reading this

It was two month's ago I had found Twilight. I kept trying to figure out how she got here. Then I remembered when I read that fan fiction My Little Dashie. In the story, Rainbow Dash had used some magic to get to earth. I also remembered the time difference. 1 year Brian's world was 1 day in Equestria. It was the morning, 6:32 to be exact. Twilight started to squirm in the bed. I looked at her, and she was crying.

"Shhh. What's wrong?"

I forgot she couldn't talk. Then I looked at her horn. It was caught in the pillow. I laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out."

I quickly pulled her horn out of the pillow. I was starting to feel like I was never going to succeed at being a Filly's parent, like Brian in My Little Dashie. "You can do this, Jack. You can do this." Twilight started to point at the door, and then at her stomach. I then realized that she was hungry. I had been feeding her Cheerios for breakfast, some broccoli and carrots for lunch, and gave her a banana for supper. She was a picky eater, never often hungry. What if I fed her something she was allergic to? Or was poisonous to Ponies? She was the average size of a baby filly or colt in the show, so I thought she would be fine. I tried to give her Kiwi, but she always shoved it away for some reason. "Come on, Twi, let's get you something besides Cheerios."

I scooped her up and brought her downstairs to the kitchen. I looked in the cupboard. I then saw some baby food. "How can I be so stupid? I bought baby food yesterday!" I got the baby food out and took a bowl out of one of the other cupboards. Twilight perked up at the look of the baby food. Maybe she was sick of Cheerios? Oh well, no time to think about that now. I grabbed a spoon and kept scooping some into the bowl. I knew Twi was smart enough to know Nod meant Yes, or Yes, Keep Going, and shaking her head meant No, or No, Stop. I looked at her, she was still nodding. The bowl was small, but it was my baby bowl when I was a baby. She quickly shook her head. There was about 2 inches high of baby food in the bowl.

"Here comes the choo-choo train!" Like 2 months before, she quickly gulped it down. I remembered that how when I was 24, I thought I could never raise a baby. But now, 3 weeks after my birthday 2 months ago, I thought I could, because I needed to. Twilight started to make weird faces and hold her stomach. Like in Baby Cakes, I knew she needed to be burped. I burped her, and she made a burp so soft even somebody with super-powerful ears wouldn't be able to hear it. She shook her head for some reason, but I didn't know why. "What's wrong, Twilight?" She understanded a lot of English. She pointed at the bowl and kept shaking her head. "You don't want anymore food?" I knew she was trying to say Yes when she pushed the bowl away. I picked up the bowl and scooped the rest of the food into the garbage.


It was the afternoon, only a few hours after feeding Twilight. Something was wrong with Twilight ever since a couple of days ago. She kept whining, but I don't know why. I thought of ROB's My Little Dashie. "AHA! She needs a bath!" I had Twilight on a chair, just thinking what to do, but now she was gone. "Uh-oh. Twilight? Where are you? TWIIIILIIIGGHHTT!" I heard a giggle from under the kitchen table. She wants to play Hide And Seek... I thought. "Now where is that little rascal?" I said in my best question-asking voice. I heard a few more giggles. "GOTCHA!" I grabbed her from under the table and started tickling her. She was laughing so hard her sides were turning red. I stopped, hoping I hadn't hurt her. She seemed fine. "Now it's time for you to get a bath" I brought upstairs into the bathroom. The bath I had was small, but big enough for me, so it was about 8 times Twilight's size. She was starting to jump around, trying to stay away from the water. I grabbed her out of the air and took her out of her diaper. "Silly Twilight. Bath is fun!" I put her in the bath, which was fairly warm. She started to relax. She must have really liked it. I grabbed her some bath toys, such as a rubber ducky and Floating Pirate Ship, both which I had when I was a child. Sweet 26, I thought. Being 26 years old was horrible, ever since my birthday 3 weeks before finding Twilight. I still hadn't figured out how she had gotten here. It definitely wasn't the same magic Rainbow Dash used, probably less advanced. Maybe she was abandoned by her parents, and sent away for some reason to Earth.

Twilight splashed around with the bath toys, pretending the Duck was a giant Duck and was attacking the pirate's ship. Her horn started to glow for a few seconds, but stopped. I remembered Rarity's quote to Mr. Cake in the Baby Cakes episode, "Baby Unicorns sometimes have Magic spurts, so be careful" or something like that. "Now wheres the soap? Oh, there it is!" I grabbed the soap and a cloth. I put some soap on the cloth and started to wash Twilight. She didn't like it. She started to whine and whine and whine. "It's okay, I'm not hurting you." I washed her hair with some shampoo I bought the day before. I took her out and dried her off in a Purple towel. Purple was her favorite color, and I wasn't surprised because SHE was purple.

I picked up Twilight, she was starting to yawn. It was 12:52. 2 minutes past her naptime. I brought her over to the couch and put some blankets over her. She went to sleep in a few moments. I went over to the chair and started to watch TV. I had the HUB channel, and I quickly shut off the TV when I saw it. It was the first episode ever made, where Twilight came to town. They still made episodes, but it was Monday, so there was no episode today. I then turned on CSI. It was the episode where Justin Bieber got shot and killed. I laughed so hard when it happened, I lost air and fainted.


I woke up at 2:05 in the afternoon, and saw that Twilight was on top of me. I was shocked at how smart she was, stacking pillows on top of each other to get on the top of the chair. She was drooling, same like every other baby, but it was only a tiny bit. She started to whine again. I looked at her eyes, and now I knew what was making her whine. She didn't need a bath, but probably still should have had one, she had something in her eye. It was one of her eyelashes. It must scrape up against her eye when she moves it and make her cry. "Stay still, Twi." I opened up her eyelids and took out the eyelash carefully. She stopped crying and started to smile, drooling all over me. I got up and laid her on the chair, suddenly remembering the little music box I got from my sister 18 years ago. It had a tiny My Little Pony, but it was an old one, probably from Generation 1. It made a cute noise, but I just stacked it on my shelf all those years ago. Now it meant a lot to me, and probably her. She listened to it, staring at the pony spinning around. It was so cute it was unbelievable. She fell back asleep again, and I did too.