• Published 22nd Feb 2012
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My Little Twilight - zephyrdash

A story based off of My Little Dashie, comes a story of me and my life with Twilight Sparkle

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The Pie

I walked into the room with Twilight in my arms. It had been 3 months since I had found Twilight. I remembered the day the episode Sweet And Elite came out, where it was Twilight's birthday. Thinking that since it was released December 3rd, her birthday must be then. It was November, and in New York there wasn't much snow anymore. I sat Twilight in her high chair and strapped her in so she couldn't escape. I was making lunch for me and her, she got sick of Carrots with Broccoli, so I changed it to Carrots with BANANA. She LOVED banana's. Every time she saw one she pointed at it. I moved away from New York City and moved to a little farm like in My Little Dashie so Twilight could go out. I planted Carrot seeds, a Tomato plant, and some other stuff. Whenever I needed to go out, it was only to get Banana's or more seeds, and Twilight would stay in the car in a box with some breathing holes in it, so she could breathe. I only did that once a week, as I buy so many banana's it's unbelievable. November 8th. I sighed, exactly 3 months ago I found her in my old home. The farm had Satellite, and the HUB channel, but I set it under PASSWORD VIEW, so I needed to enter a password in order for her to see it. She loved watching shows like Pokemon, L.I.N.G.O, Tom And Jerry and Hole In The Wall. Her favorite was L.I.N.G.O, but I didn't know why.

Twilight was eating her Carrots, and I had cut her up some Banana. She always ate her carrots first, though. I guess she felt that if she doesn't she won't have any banana or anything. I had just finished my Cesar Salad I made from all the vegetables in me and Twilight's garden. We had vegetables and fruit, but Banana and Apples were the ONLY ones we didn't have there. The oven then made a bing! sound, so I knew the Pie was ready. I took it out of the oven and put it on the window sill. It was WAY too big for Twilight to eat by herself, but it was a banana pie, which I felt I just wanted to make as a surprise, but she would probably eat 2 slices, and I would eat the last 3. She still drooled all over the place, so I got her a bib. It had a Pony on it, but not a My Little Pony. "Twilight, you silly pony!" She was drooling and drooling and drooling. I flipped up her bib and wiped off her face. Luckily it didn't get on the table, as she still uses the high chair. Twilight's eyes started to water, like she was going to cry. "Whats wrong, Twi?" and then I found out why her eyes were watering. "ah-ah-AHCHOO!" She sneezed so bad her bib fell off. She rubbed her nose-or muzzle-or whatever, with her hoof. She smiled and giggled at me. My face was covered in Salad. I cleaned off my face and tickled her. She laughed and laughed, but I had learned that when her sides turned red that I should stop. Thank God For The Internet, I thought. "I'll be right back, Twilight!" I ran upstairs to my room to grab her the other bib I bought, as the one she was wearing was soaked in drool. I heard a BANG! downstairs in the kitchen and quickly ran down. "TWILIGHT! ARE YOU OKAY?!" I screamed in terror. I saw the banana pie on the floor and her eating it.

"Bad Twilight!" I yelled at her. She started to sniff, then sob, then cry altogether. "Shh, shh, it's okay. Just don't do it again. I'm not gonna hurt you or anything, I still love you, it's just that when I heard that bang I got scared. Shhhh..." I felt so bad for yelling at her. I picked her up and rocked her. I felt like I couldn't handle this anymore, but I knew I had to, or she might die or get hurt or something worse. I brought her into the living room and set her on the couch. She was so tired after crying like that. I turned on her music box and she quickly fell asleep. I put a blanket over her and she was fine. I cleaned up the pie, noticing that it wasn't upside down, so it was still good. There were a few bites in it, but that was fine. I ate a few slices and threw the part where she cried and bit on out. I went back into the living room and got on the couch with Twilight, stroking her mane as she slept. She looked so peaceful, so helpless, so cute. I couldn't stop staring at her, she was just so cute. I stroked her mane for about 15 minutes, and then watched L.I.N.G.O. She quickly woke up, sat up and watched it with me.


It was 9 hours after the pie incident, which occurred at 12:13 in the afternoon. I was playing Boggle with Twilight. It was so amazing how she knew how to play. I always beat her, but she still liked to play. She started to cough, and I picked her up and put her on the floor. I didn't know what was wrong. She threw up, all of it the pie and other things she ate. I grabbed a bucket and put it on the floor. I mopped up the throw up on the floor, but she was still throwing up into the bucket. She must have been allergic to something in the pie. Then it hit me. I checked the ingredients on the Pie Mix, and it said on it "DO NOT FEED TO ANIMALS" I swore and threw it into the garbage. I picked her up and put her on the couch, bucket beside her. I had bought some PJ's for her, even though they were HUMAN baby ones, they fit her perfectly. I put them on her and put a blanket around her. She threw up for another 15 minutes, but she stopped around 9:30 or so. I put on the music box, and rocked her. She fell asleep in a few minutes. I brought her up to bed, along with a new bucket, and we got in and fell asleep. Tomorrow would be a hard day.

I didn't know what was happening. Twilight was throwing up like crazy when I woke up, and her fever was getting to be over 100. She must have been really allergic to the pie. "Twilight! TWILIGHT! Are you okay?!" she just kept throwing up. It was horrible. The bucket wasn't even halfway full, though. All I could hear were cries and the sound of throwing up. She then stopped. Oh god why did I take her in?! I'm a failure! I thought in fear and sadness as poor Twilight got sick. I ran and got her some medicine. I didn't care what it was, it just said that it was for babies. I gave her a tiny teaspoon of it, and she started to lay down on the bed. I was hoping she was okay. I felt her forehead and her fever had went down to about 98. Thank god, the medicine must have worked. She was shivering, I put more blankets over her, and when I put the 4th on she was okay. She moaned and then went back to sleep. It was 8 in the morning. I decided to stay in and turn some TV on for her in my bedroom. She watched a Pokemon Marathon and some L.I.N.G.O.

I made her some chicken soup, which she didn't seem to like. I wasn't surprised. NOBODY liked chicken soup. Or in her case, noPONY liked chicken soup. She ate it fast, probably just so she could get it over with. She didn't throw up anymore, but her fever was still at 98 degrees. She ate some Tylenol, which really helped with it. A few hours later her fever went down, and she was starting to act like the old Twilight again. She seemed completely fine. I introduced her to that show called "The Price Is Right" and she LOVED it. She would show me her hooves, probably thinking she had fingers also, showing me what bid she thought it was. If she got it wrong, she would shake her head, but if she got the question/bid that was there, she would jump up and down. She was getting bigger, and she wasn't drooling much ever since she got sick. She waved her arms up at me, and went "Dada". I was so happy at that moment. She had said her FIRST WORDS. I was guessing she wanted me to pick her up, so I picked her up. She instantly hugged into me. That was one of the happiest moments of my entire life. She loved me. I loved her, too. I wished my family would understand if they saw this, but I hadn't talked to my Brother or Sister for over a decade. "I love you too, Twilight. I love you too."