• Published 22nd Feb 2012
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My Little Twilight - zephyrdash

A story based off of My Little Dashie, comes a story of me and my life with Twilight Sparkle

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The Sock

I hated being alone. All these years, no family or friends. Nobody liked me. I had a job, a very good paying one, too, but I didn't bother to spend a whole bunch of cash for a house or something. I bought a house in New York City, hoping to find friends or something better. When I was sad or bored, I would ride my bike. I was pretty sad now, so that's why I was doing it. I was a life-long brony, nobody knew, though. If only I could have a plush Twilight Sparkle...

I got home and put the bike away. It was getting dark, and I had such an exhausting day at work, so I thought I would go to bed early tonight, at 6:00 PM. I went into my room, got into my boxers, and jumped in my unmade bed. This would be a great sleep.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, so that meant I had until 12:00 in the afternoon I had to go to work. That's six hours and 30 minutes, but why did I wake up? I felt squirming in my bed. I always left socks in the bed for some reason, but every few days I would get them out and clean them. I quickly shoved the bed covers off the bed, and there she was, a little filly Unicorn, probably no older then 1. How did she get here? She obviously had no Cutie Mark. I rushed into the bathroom and splashed water into my eyes, came back into my bedroom, and she was still there. I picked her up. She started to cry.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. Lets go get you something to eat."

She perked up at the idea of eating. So I folded her up in a couple of blankets and brought her down stairs to the kitchen. I took her out of one of the blankets, and put her in the old Highchair I had when I was a baby. She didn't like it at all. She hit it hard and tried to get out.

"Calm down, calm down. It's okay, it's not going to hurt you, either."

She started to stop hitting it, and calmed down. She was easy to make happy, I thought. I got some Cheerios for her. She didn't have fingers, so I didn't know if she could pick up the spoon or even knew how to. I picked it up and she opened her mouth up wide. There was a "numnumnum" sound as I fed her. She clapped her hooves together. I thought she wanted more.

"Open wide!"

She took another bite. There was the numnumnum sound again. I checked her mouth, and she didn't have any teeth. After feeding her a whole box of cheerios (Pretty hungry?), I brought her upstairs. I grabbed a sock for her to play with. Twilight quickly bit it out of my hand and chewed on it. This reminded me of Pumpkin Cake, always trying to bite things. She started to yawn, so I thought she was tired. I put some blankets around her and put her on the bed. She looked up at me, staring. She stared for what seemed like hours, and I finally thought that she wanted a Good Night. "Good Night, Twilight" She then went to sleep in seconds. I would skip work today, I guess. I wasn't feeling that good. I called into work and told my boss I was sick with the flu, pretending to throw up. I hung up and hopped in bed with Twilight. My dream had come true, I had my own little Twilight Sparkle.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is NOT based off of ME, just a character like me. Some ideas were mixed up from ROBCakeron, so most of this is dedicated to him for making an awesome story.