• Published 22nd Feb 2012
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My Little Twilight - zephyrdash

A story based off of My Little Dashie, comes a story of me and my life with Twilight Sparkle

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Total Darkness

NOTE: I decided to work on this chapter the day after releasing Discovery because I know you guys want more. :) Enjoy!


The heart monitor beeped.



"3...2...1... CLEAR!"



Jack woke up. He quickly checked to see if Twilight was on the bed, but when he put his head up to look around, an excited purple unicorn jumped up in front of him.

"Whoa!" Jack tumbled out of the bed.

"hee-hee-hee! You're so silly, daddy." Twilight giggled.

"Don't scare me like that, Twily."

"Sorry daddy..." Twilight frowned, but when she did, he jumped up and grabbed her.

"Hee-hee-hee-heeeeeee! Weeeee!"

Jack had jumped out of bed, spinning with Twilight in his arms. They fell back onto the bed.

"How about a game of The Price Is Right?" Jack suggested. He had moved the Wii up to his room so they could play in the mornings.

"Sure, daddy!"

Jack jumped up and went to turn on the Wii, but when he went over, he noticed it had fell on the floor by the cracking sound he heard when he went over to the dresser.

"Errrrr Twilight..." He held up the Wii.


Twilight still seemed happy. "Watch this!"

She used her magic to repair the Wii.

"Where did you learn that?!" Jack asked, shocked.

"Oh, just in the magic books that were on the Wii. You know, the ones we downloaded."

Jack smiled. Twilight's vocabulary was getting bigger and bigger by the days.

"Let's go get breakfast, okay? Then we can go outside."

Jack went up to the window to open the curtains, only to realize that it was broken. He had wondered what that sharp pain was when he stood up.

"What happened?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"I don't know... I'll fix it tomorrow. It looks like we won't be going outside, though..."

Jack and Twilight looked outside. It was pouring like hell. Thank God for the roof covering the window. Twilight and Jack rushed down the stairs to see if any more of the windows were broken, and unfortunately, ALL of them were.

"Whoa..." said Twilight.

"Whoa is right. I wonder what happened?"

"Well, daddy... The house was shaking last night, and this might be the cause of it..."

"Earthquake. The first one in 3 years, actually. Eh, how about this. Since there is no thunder and lightning, and the Weather Network says there won't be until later tonight, how about we take the day to repair the windows? Sound good?"

"Yay! Repair workers Daddy and Twilight!" Jack smiled. He could of sworn his heart had exploded like Brian's did in My Little Dashie.

Jack and Twilight took the rest of the day fixing the windows. "Hey daddy, I'll go downstairs and fix the windows, and you can stay up here and fix the upstairs ones."

"Sounds fine to me."

Twilight, already 4 years old. Haha. It seemed like yesterday he had found her.

"Do-de-de-de-do..." Jack hummed.

"AHHHHHH!" Twilight screamed from downstairs.

"TWILIGHT!" Jack rushed down the stairs, only to find Twilight had fell down the ladder while she was trying to replace one of the smaller windows.

Twilight sobbed. "Its okay, shhhh...." He picked her up and cradled her. Jack looked at the ladder, which was on the floor. "D-daddy, I t-think I br-broke my f-foot..."

Jack looked at Twilights back right foot. It was bleeding and had a huge bruise right up to the top of her leg.

"Oh... C'mon, let's go upstairs. Its 9:55(PM). Let's watch Doctor Who and then we can go to bed."

"Ok daddy."

They went upstairs to watch the last episode in the split season. It was pretty cool, including the weeping angels and all. Jack couldn't wait for the new one at Christmas, and Twilight probably couldn't wait either. Jack thought it would be cool to ask if Twilight could send them forward in time to watch it now, but nah.

After the show was over, Twilight had some warm milk and Jack and her went off to bed.


"JACK! JAAAACK!" Ice Wolf, commander of the Kalico Kats screamed. "ICE WOLF!" Jack dove down to grab ahold of her hand and pull her back up onto the earth, but it was no use. The portal to the Dark Realm was pulling her down. She fell in. "ICE WOLF!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Rupture in time... Dimensions... Universal time control..." It was coming back to Jack now. He picked up his energy knife and rushed towards Blue Bass. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!!?!!?! SHE WAS ALL I EVER HAD LEFT!!!!" Blue Bass jumped. She pulled out a Kunai (Little throwing dagger from Ninja comics like Naruto, etc) and stabbed Jack. "Auck... auck..."

"Say hello to the Dark Realm, Jack..." Blue Bass pushed Jack. He stumbled back, and fell into the portal to the Dark Realm.


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