• Published 22nd Feb 2012
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My Little Twilight - zephyrdash

A story based off of My Little Dashie, comes a story of me and my life with Twilight Sparkle

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Second Birthday


It all seemed like it happened yesterday. I had had Twilight for 2 years. It was November 8th, the day of her birthday. She was now two years old. I loved her so much. She had said some words, but the ones she said the most were "I Love You" or "Your the best". I felt like I had succeeded in becoming a parent, but still had much to learn. She called me "Dada" all the time. She still didn't know how to say "Father" or "Dad" or anything, just Dada. She was only 2 though, not like she was going to be a dictionary YET. She still slept with me. I had gotten her some new PJ's, which were only one of the 4 gifts I bought her. I made her a cake, my sister always told me I had a talent for baking. It reminded me of Mr and Mrs. Cake. It was only the morning, and Twilight was still asleep. She was up until 3 in the morning coloring pictures of Horses, but I didn't DARE give her any Ponies from the show. I had gotten her 4 presents, and I was saving the 5th for her 4th birthday. It was the whole series of Daring Do, printed off from people's Fan-Fictions on the internet. They had violence, but only cartoon violence. I decided to go get breakfast ready, so when she woke up she would be having breakfast in bed. She had grown tiny teeth, and I was so sad to see that. That was like Stage 1 of Starting To Grow. I promised her the night before that I would ALWAYS be with her. She could probably learn a spell to turn me into a Unicorn or something.

When I got into the kitchen, I checked the clock. It was 9:00 AM. Twilight always woke up 9:30 sharp, even if she had only went to sleep at 8 in the morning. I started up the Oven and made Flapjacks. They were Twilight's favorite breakfast food, but they were so expensive it was unbelievable. 6.99 for 1 bag of mix. Today, she wouldn't JUST be having Flapjacks, she would be having Flapjacks, two Banana's, and an Orange juice. I finished her meal at a lucky time of 9:29 AM. I ran up with the tray of food. When I got to her bedroom, she was still asleep. At the second it turned 9:30 she woke up, stretching crazily. Her hair looked so funny when it wasn't made, just like in Lesson Zero. I brought the tray over and said "Happy Birthday, Twi!". At first, she was trying to adjust to the light in the room, but when she saw the flapjacks a smile went right across her face. "I love you, dada!" she said. I almost died. That was beautiful. "Anything for my little girl" I said with a grin. She tried to sit up, but she was stuck. She kept trying to get up, but still she was stuck. I noticed the problem quickly. The tray I put on top of her was blocking her from sitting up, either that or she just didn't want to spill the juice. I picked up the tray and laughed. "Dada, that's not nice!" she said in a really mad mood. "Sorry, it was just so funny." The night before there were crayons everywhere, but now they were all organized in Twilight's crayon box. I put the tray back down, and in what seemed like an instant, she had ate the Flapjacks. She drank her orange juice and ate her banana's, but when she was finished she started to hiccup. *Hic!* *Hic!* "Now Twilight, that's what happens when you eat too fast, silly girl!" I tickled her, and it got rid of her hiccups. I loved her so much.

A few hours later, I was watching The Price Is Right with Twilight, and something I thought that would never happen happened. They had a My Little Pony DVD on the screen up for bids, the Friendship Express one. I shut it off quickly, waited for 8 minutes and turned it back on. "Why did you do that???" she asked. "Something bad was on, that's all. It's gone now." I brought in her presents. "What's that, dada?" she asked. "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Twilight, happy birthday to you!" I sung happily. She clapped her hooves in joy. "Here's your first present!" I passed her the box with the PJ's inside. She opened it out with her mouth. "Yay! New pajamas!" She put them on quickly. "Here's the next present!" I passed her the one with the video game Super Mario Bros for the Wii She asked "What is this?" "You'll see" I said with a grin. I then passed her the one with some game called Learn To Read in it. "Huh? I still don't know what it is, dada" "Keep opening the presents!" I then passed her the one with the Wii in it. She opened it in a flash. "WOW! Thank you so much, dada! Now I have my own Wii! I love you so much!!!"

We hooked up the Wii and played a few hours of Learn To Read. We played Super Mario Bros, but she said she would rather play Learn To Read. It had a whole bunch of great books for all ages in it. We read 15 children's books. "Time to shut it off" "But dada! I want to read more!" "Maybe later, okay Twi?" "Fine..." It was her nap time, and her eyes were starting to go Bloodshot because of looking at the screen for so long. I tucked her in on the couch. She instantly fell asleep. I wanted to watch the Hockey game, but it would be best without noise from Twilight. I snickered at the thought.


I watched the hockey game and now Twilight was waking up. Twilight suddenly asked "Can we read some more? Hello? HELLO?" but I was fast asleep. Taking care of Twilight was fun, but very tiring. I wondered what it would be like to have a human child? And if I got married and did have one, would Twilight be the sister? Nah. Impossible. I'd never get married. Wives are crazy, always asking for jewelry or robes or something. But wait a second, when Twilight grew up, would she want that stuff? Crap. Well, there goes all my cash. Poor future Jack.

"HHHHHHHEEEEELLLLLLOOOOO!?!?1?" Twilight screamed. I woke up in a jolt. "Oh, it was just a dream" "What was just a dream?" "Oh... nothing...." I

"I'm hungry" said Twilight. "Okay, what would you like?" "I want one of those" She pointed at the Burger King Whopper ad on the TV. "Okaaay, I'll try to make one" I was a HORRIBLE burger maker. I hoped she liked it. Hehe, horrible cook, like Sweetie Belle. I grabbed some buns, a patty, cheese and ketchup. She surely wouldn't want those, ponies are vegetarians! (As Said In The Commets) I put the cheese and ketchup away and put on the patty a slice of lettuce, sliced up carrot and a bit of tomato. If I cooked it, she might not like it. Burnt veggies taste even more horrible then regular ones! "Maybe I'll just heat it up a tiny bit" I heated it up and brought it out to her.

"Yay!" yelled Twilight happily. I put it on the table and she ate it quickly. "That was yummy! Can I have another tomorrow?" "Maybe, Twilight, maybe"

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry how the 4th chapter took really long to make. I have a really bad head cold, but forced myself to write more because I didn't want to lose readers. Hope you enjoyed! Don't have any more ideas at the moment, so I might write chapter 5 tomorrow. :3