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Galloping Stars RPG - Quick Progress Update · 4:48pm May 31st, 2018

The Galloping Stars Kickstarter is currently over 60% funded, with just over under 2 weeks left!

We are moving toward our goal still, and we still hope to reach it before the campaign is done!

However, we would like to ask you all to help spread the word! If you know anybody who loves ponies, RPGs, and/or sci-fi, let them know about the project! Spread word to your social media sites and groups!\

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any chance on continuing this story

Remain strong! No surrender!

Carry the Spirit of Awesome within you!

Hope you start to feel better bro, take your time on things and I'll be here to read it when it comes out. Happy turkey day btw.:pinkiehappy:

YAY the irony`s of life lol. Its fine there`s always other cons lol.

Ah, no worries man. I did notice you didn't stop by, and I figured it was cause you couldn't make it. Seems you had a good reason not to be there, though, even if the events behind the reason are kiind of bullcrap on your boss's part...

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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