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  • ERare Window
    Rare Window. Mystery, suspense, ponies. A story inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window," but something more, exceeding the boundaries of classic murder and tragedy to delve deeper into the ideals of one imaginative pony.
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Time and Dedication · 6:35am Feb 8th, 2014

For any who avidly follow any pony fan-fictions I may write, I would like you to know that fan-fiction is more so a way for me to practice writing and exploring new genres. Most of my time writing is devoted to an epic fantasy series I am currently working on and plan to have published to make my debut as an author. It's a long and arduous task - really fun, too - that consumes most of my time almost every day and fan-fiction is a sort of way for me to expand on what I could do with my story.

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