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For years the princess of the night has made the same routine trip and now she grows tired by the loneliness of the night. As she ends one of these nightly trips, something changes in her for the worst. This is a short story about Princess Luna's descent into darkness as the demon that is Nightmare Moon takes her over.

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Not bad. one nit pick, "she dawned the armor " I think you meant "donned" . Up vote and will be waiting for the longer story

Thanks bronzedragon for the correction. That's one of those few words I didn't know the correct nomenclature. Fixed it now.

Would you object to me reading this as a fan fic reading for the Pilot episode of my Narrations on my Youtube channel? I would get a VA for the Castle Guards and I would voice Luna, Nightmare Moon and Celestia probably. Is all this okay with you? I would do it for free as I really like your story and need the practice!
Please let me know!
Drac Keagan VA

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