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Scootaloo tired of being teased about being called a chicken tells us exactly what she thinks and feels in this story.
Note- I'm trying to write a squeal with Rarity, anyone got any ideas besides marshmallows and crystals?

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Lighting Dust has always looked up to her grandad. Her grandad and Uncle had raised her, ever since.. the accident.

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Ditzy Doo had big expectations to live up to, one day, these strange ponies take her away, and she soon learns the truth, of why her mommy always had red stains on her coat that she wore to work at the factuary.

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Spectral was on the cold ground, where was his parents, his family..? where were they... but a mysterious pony with a chestnut coat drops a pocketwatch with Spectrals name and how to use it, what happens next...?

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