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Very well done, both wish for forgiveness from the other and both think they don't think they deserve it.

I like it. A few grammar quirks, but nothing serious. Carry on.

2173281 Thank you! I am writing a request story for my friend about his oc, It should be called, rainbow tears, I hope you read it, I'm going to write the first chapter today and second chapter.

2173253 Thanks! I am really proud of this, I had spent thirty minutes of it, and for some reason it froze so I had to close out of it and well so I had to re-start and it took me about two hours or so to do everything! So that means a lot to me.

2173365 Heheh. Only if you read my work first. :scootangel:

I'm kidding, of course. I'll look out for it.

2173376 Ok! and sure I would love to read your work, I'll read it after I start writing the first chapter and second, and possibly first.

At least you didn't give up.

Be proud of yourself, also I added this to the "Protect Celestia" group.

2173552 Thank you! your so nice! Check out my new story, Rainbow tears!

A nice showing of both Princesses; very even-handed, and quite touching.
You'd have to be a truly heartless type not to tear up at this.:fluttercry:

I really like this. It's made even better by the fact that my Mum used to sing me "You are my sunshine."
It's short, but really doesn't need to be any longer.

2174202 Why thankyou! Im very proud at this! and im currently writing a story called rainbow tears, Im gonna send it and see if i can get it sumbited today

My mother used to sing "You are my Sunshine" to me and my siblings. Ever since she passed away, I can't help but to cry a little every time I hear it. :fluttercry:

2177800 oh... i hope you you liked the story.... sorry if it made you cry....

I did enjoy it, it brought back some happy memories.

This is bugging me too much. So have a mini-edit.

She had been on this dull planet for so long, the Moon.

The Moon is not a planet.
You could work on hitting the space bar after commas and periods. You also have capitals in the middle of sentences.
There are other mistakes that I lack the patience to point out. Please get and editor and/or pre-reader.

2244215 I didn't have a pre-reader when I wrote this.

This is very good, though there are a few errors here and there. You should probably get someone to proofread it. Other than that, I really like it!

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