• Published 9th Mar 2013
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Mommy...? - DitzyDerperellaDoo

Ditzy Doo, so learns, what exactualy those red stains on her mommy's coat that she wore to work are.

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Ditzy woke up, and looked up, opening her eyes to reveal that the room was dark. It was always too dark, except for when it was too bright, but either way, the lighting was always messing with her eyes. Ditzy was born with very poor vision. She could hardly see, and it trouble her in flight, even when she was only barely hovering right above the ground. Even though Ditzy knew she wanted to stay in bed, she knew she would get in trouble with her mother. She may have just been a little foal, but she still had some high expectations.

Ditzy got out of her bed and made it, although it took her twice to get it correct, as she normally never got it right on the first try. She then went into the bathroom and the sudden flash of light as she turned the light on made Ditzy's eyes burn, even though she had been used to it for a while now, and she had to close her eyes for a few seconds to relieve the recoil. After that, Ditzy squinted her eyes and looked around. She grabbed her toothbrush and squirted a little bit of toothpaste sloppily on it, completely missing the brush the first time she squeezed. Ditzy put the brush underneath the running tap water and then put it in her mouth and brushed her teeth for the dental requirement of two minutes. She cleansed the toothbrush by holding it under the water again and put it back on the bathroom counter

Ditzy walked outside the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. She saw her mom sitting at the counter drinking coffee. Ditzy noticed a red splatter on the left shoulder of her mommy's work suit, but it didn't catch her attention because mommy's suit always had red stains on it. Her mommy looked up and saw Ditzy standing there. Her mommy ruffled Ditzy's mane and wore a faint smile smile on her face.

Ditzy loved her mommy, as she always has, and she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Her mommy was the captain of the Equestria-wide known Wonderbolts and also managed the Rainbow Factory, where she worked.

"Honey, can you go wake up your sister and tell her that I'm leaving for work now." Ditzy's mommy had said.

"Okie dokie!" Ditzy had replied, and then trotted of down the hall to go tell her wake up her sister as her mommy had told her.

Author's Note:

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