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Ditzy Doo had big expectations to live up to, one day, these strange ponies take her away, and she soon learns the truth, of why her mommy always had red stains on her coat that she wore to work at the factuary.

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Woah man, is this a fic about the Rahnbow factuary?

Seriously though, you may need an editor and a decent spell check to help you out.

Okay the story is there but 1 the size of your chapters are really unnecissary 2 you could really flesh it out more and 2 it's not written very well you lack any description even for a first person fic. In all fairness it would make more sense to be 3rd person. Basically the idea is go the execution is not good.

2241052 My story is in third person, and you know, I already know it has major spelling issues, I know that. And thank you for actually telling me what you think about my story insted of just hiding behind a mask like a coward.

2241255 Nope, but I'll give you a clue, she is like RD and is a pegasus, oh.. and shes in G1, thanks for being nice

2241020 This story is about how Ditzy, when she was a little filly, was sent to the rainbow factuary, I have never read rainbow factuary, so don't say I stole it. Thanks for telling me, I'm gonna try to fix it and see if someone can help me with it.

2243034 .... scootz wasn't a G1 pony... but it is a pony like rainbow dash, give ya a clue, PURPLE EYES

2245999 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabyeeeeeeeee

DUDE! you made derpy look bad D:< SHAME BRO,SHAME >:(

on chapter 3 now...swear to god dude...IF YOU KILL DITZY D:<

yep,your gonna kill ditzy aren't you....you sick JERK!


plz on next chapter,you can let ditzy die,but will you let her ghost take revenge and destroy the rainbow factory with an army of angels >:D

2896844 if you want to see "death" read my Lighting Dust story. "I wanna be a wonderbolt just like you" :pinkiecrazy:

2897214 i got a feeling,and its a bad one,im writing a story now......im gonna put you in it.....3 letters back by the way HAVE FUN SOLVING THIS :trollestia: nevermind your a sick freak and im just kidding,good day you gore loving sicko :D

3287552 In the rainbow factory,where all you're fears and horrors come true :pinkiecrazy:

oh god I cannot unread this!

oh god I cannot unread this! why did I even continue reading this!

I like it it may be short but the word usage is really nice.

Get the Ac 130 Gunship fired up we have a factory to levle

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