• Published 9th Mar 2013
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Mommy...? - DitzyDerperellaDoo

Ditzy Doo, so learns, what exactualy those red stains on her mommy's coat that she wore to work are.

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Strange Stallions

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Ditzy peeked her head around the corner and into the room her mommy was currently in and heard her conversing with somepoy; most presumably the somepony who had just knocked on Ditzy's door.

"No, no, you promised me you woudn't hurt her! You promised me! YOU PROMISED!!" Her mommy screamed at the top of her lungs at the pony (or really ponies, as there had turned out to be two of them, both dressed in the same dark suits as her mommy, though theirs weren't as stained with red as hers).

One of the strange ponies responded very calmly to her mommy's outburst by stating, "No, no, Fire, I'm afraid you didn't hear us correctly when we made the deal. We promised you that if she had passed all of our expectaions, then we wouldn't take her. She hasn't passed them."

The other strange pony said, "And we have already cut her enough slack anyways. Besides, you know that we are running out of ponies for the rainbows. Or at least you should, seeing as you're in charge of making them."

Ditzy's mommy was crying now, tears were streaming down her face as she replied shakily, " I... I know... She's....." There was a long pause before Ditzy's mother finally whispered, "She's in the hallway..."

The two ponies turned their heads to the hallway and saw a little grey and blonde filly standing there, shaken by seeing her mother in tears for the first time and also slightly confused. They slowly walked towards Ditzy. She knew she was in trouble, though she didn't know why, and she caught the two ponies by surprise by bolting past them and attempting to run outside. Ditzy had almost made it outside when somepony grabbed her from behind. It couldn't havebeen either of the two male pegasi, because they were still standing in front of the hall, but turned facing her now. It was her mommy who had grabbed her. Ditzy's mommy had stopped her escape and was now handing Ditzy over to the strange ponies.

"Mommy.... Mommy..." Ditzy tried to catch her mother's attention, but she wouldn't even acknowledge her as the ponies carried her out. "MOMMY! MOMMY NOOOO!!!" Ditzy was screaming now as the strange ponies took her away, out the door, away from the mother that she had completely and totally idolized and devoted herself to her entire life. Now Ditzy had tears in her eyes as well, and her mommy had fresh ones on her face, that fell off and went through the floor, as it was a cloud, and hitting a random unicorn below.

"Mommy..." Ditzy had whispered one last time as she was flow elsewhere.

Author's Note:

Hi guys! This is a short chapter, but I dont wanna get it all away! Guess who Ditzy's mommy is!