• Published 9th Mar 2013
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Mommy...? - DitzyDerperellaDoo

Ditzy Doo, so learns, what exactualy those red stains on her mommy's coat that she wore to work are.

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The factuary

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Ditzy was flown to a large building that she had been to a lot with her mommy. It was more like a large castle made of clouds. She was taken inside the building, and then to a room that, despite her countless visits, she had not known existed. Inside the room there were unusually high levels of darkness, and Ditzy had to wait for her eyes to adjust before she looked around. The first thing she noticed was that everywhere she looked, it was grim. There was a large machine against the back wall with pipes connected to it that were all stained with the colors of the rainbow. There were other foals in the room, too, and their coats were all tear-stained, like hers, and there were also other ponies there, all with suits on like her mommy's, all with red stains, all wearing goggles. There was a feeling in the atmosphere as well, the feeling of death coiled in the air, ready to strike at anypony at any second.

Ditzy was told to go and sit with a goup a foals, all pegasi, and she obeyed, walking over and looking up, instead of down, like the rest of them. When she looked up, she saw a pony up on a big, stage-like thing mounted to the wall just above the machine. That pony was wearing a suit like her mommy's. Goggles like her mommy's. What she wasn't wearing like her mommy was a hard, firm frown, and a pair of bloodthirsty eyes. But even so, it was unmistakeable that those eyes belonged to her mommy.

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