by DitzyDerperellaDoo

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Ditzy Doo, so learns, what exactualy those red stains on her mommy's coat that she wore to work are.

Ditzy Doo had big expectations to live up to, one day, these strange ponies take her away, and she soon learns the truth, of why her mommy always had red stains on her coat that she wore to work at the factuary.


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Ditzy woke up, and looked up, opening her eyes to reveal that the room was dark. It was always too dark, except for when it was too bright, but either way, the lighting was always messing with her eyes. Ditzy was born with very poor vision. She could hardly see, and it trouble her in flight, even when she was only barely hovering right above the ground. Even though Ditzy knew she wanted to stay in bed, she knew she would get in trouble with her mother. She may have just been a little foal, but she still had some high expectations.

Ditzy got out of her bed and made it, although it took her twice to get it correct, as she normally never got it right on the first try. She then went into the bathroom and the sudden flash of light as she turned the light on made Ditzy's eyes burn, even though she had been used to it for a while now, and she had to close her eyes for a few seconds to relieve the recoil. After that, Ditzy squinted her eyes and looked around. She grabbed her toothbrush and squirted a little bit of toothpaste sloppily on it, completely missing the brush the first time she squeezed. Ditzy put the brush underneath the running tap water and then put it in her mouth and brushed her teeth for the dental requirement of two minutes. She cleansed the toothbrush by holding it under the water again and put it back on the bathroom counter

Ditzy walked outside the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. She saw her mom sitting at the counter drinking coffee. Ditzy noticed a red splatter on the left shoulder of her mommy's work suit, but it didn't catch her attention because mommy's suit always had red stains on it. Her mommy looked up and saw Ditzy standing there. Her mommy ruffled Ditzy's mane and wore a faint smile smile on her face.

Ditzy loved her mommy, as she always has, and she wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Her mommy was the captain of the Equestria-wide known Wonderbolts and also managed the Rainbow Factory, where she worked.

"Honey, can you go wake up your sister and tell her that I'm leaving for work now." Ditzy's mommy had said.

"Okie dokie!" Ditzy had replied, and then trotted of down the hall to go tell her wake up her sister as her mommy had told her.


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Author's note, My chapters shall be re-edited by, SlenderPony7. Please check out and follow his stories here,


Ditzy Do slowly opened the door to her older sister's room, who was older than her only a mere two minutes, because they were both twins, although they weren't very identical at all. As Ditzy's eyes adjusted to the darkness of her sister's room, she looked around at all of the dresses and tiaras, bottles of hoof-polish and glitter lying around; her sister was the filliest filly she knew.

Ditzy went over to the side of her sister's bed and pushed her shoulder gently, saying "Daring... Daring... Wake up!"

"Wha..? What is it?"

"Mommy's going to work!"

"Oh... Okie dokie.." Daring groggily responded, and quickly fell back asleep to resume her dreams of prancing ponies, and Ditzy trotted back down the hall to the kitchen, where her mommy was still getting ready for work. Ditzy's eyes took another few moments to adjust to the sudden change in lighting. While they were doing this, Ditzy heard a loud, rapid, insistant knocking on her front door

Strange Stallions

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Author's note, My chapters shall be re-edited by, SlenderPony7. Please check out and follow his stories here,


Ditzy peeked her head around the corner and into the room her mommy was currently in and heard her conversing with somepoy; most presumably the somepony who had just knocked on Ditzy's door.

"No, no, you promised me you woudn't hurt her! You promised me! YOU PROMISED!!" Her mommy screamed at the top of her lungs at the pony (or really ponies, as there had turned out to be two of them, both dressed in the same dark suits as her mommy, though theirs weren't as stained with red as hers).

One of the strange ponies responded very calmly to her mommy's outburst by stating, "No, no, Fire, I'm afraid you didn't hear us correctly when we made the deal. We promised you that if she had passed all of our expectaions, then we wouldn't take her. She hasn't passed them."

The other strange pony said, "And we have already cut her enough slack anyways. Besides, you know that we are running out of ponies for the rainbows. Or at least you should, seeing as you're in charge of making them."

Ditzy's mommy was crying now, tears were streaming down her face as she replied shakily, " I... I know... She's....." There was a long pause before Ditzy's mother finally whispered, "She's in the hallway..."

The two ponies turned their heads to the hallway and saw a little grey and blonde filly standing there, shaken by seeing her mother in tears for the first time and also slightly confused. They slowly walked towards Ditzy. She knew she was in trouble, though she didn't know why, and she caught the two ponies by surprise by bolting past them and attempting to run outside. Ditzy had almost made it outside when somepony grabbed her from behind. It couldn't havebeen either of the two male pegasi, because they were still standing in front of the hall, but turned facing her now. It was her mommy who had grabbed her. Ditzy's mommy had stopped her escape and was now handing Ditzy over to the strange ponies.

"Mommy.... Mommy..." Ditzy tried to catch her mother's attention, but she wouldn't even acknowledge her as the ponies carried her out. "MOMMY! MOMMY NOOOO!!!" Ditzy was screaming now as the strange ponies took her away, out the door, away from the mother that she had completely and totally idolized and devoted herself to her entire life. Now Ditzy had tears in her eyes as well, and her mommy had fresh ones on her face, that fell off and went through the floor, as it was a cloud, and hitting a random unicorn below.

"Mommy..." Ditzy had whispered one last time as she was flow elsewhere.

The factuary

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Ditzy was flown to a large building that she had been to a lot with her mommy. It was more like a large castle made of clouds. She was taken inside the building, and then to a room that, despite her countless visits, she had not known existed. Inside the room there were unusually high levels of darkness, and Ditzy had to wait for her eyes to adjust before she looked around. The first thing she noticed was that everywhere she looked, it was grim. There was a large machine against the back wall with pipes connected to it that were all stained with the colors of the rainbow. There were other foals in the room, too, and their coats were all tear-stained, like hers, and there were also other ponies there, all with suits on like her mommy's, all with red stains, all wearing goggles. There was a feeling in the atmosphere as well, the feeling of death coiled in the air, ready to strike at anypony at any second.

Ditzy was told to go and sit with a goup a foals, all pegasi, and she obeyed, walking over and looking up, instead of down, like the rest of them. When she looked up, she saw a pony up on a big, stage-like thing mounted to the wall just above the machine. That pony was wearing a suit like her mommy's. Goggles like her mommy's. What she wasn't wearing like her mommy was a hard, firm frown, and a pair of bloodthirsty eyes. But even so, it was unmistakeable that those eyes belonged to her mommy.

The machine

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Author's note, My chapters shall be re-edited by, SlenderPony7. Please check out and follow his stories here,


The pony on the balcony who was, indeed, Ditzy's mommy, walked to the edge of the balcony and pointed at her- or at least, that's what she thought. Her mommy had really pointed at a n older filly that was next to her. When the filly didn't move, she was grabbed by two stallions in suits and carried her over to Ditzy's mommy.

She petted the filly's mane and said in a voice that mocked sweetness, "You have such a pretty mane my dear... It's such a shame that it must be stained." The poor filly's eyes were huge, her pupils dilated and full of the utmost fear, and her face was wet with tears, but not for the first time- though definately for the last.

And before Ditzy or any of the other young ponies in the room could look away, there was a sickening crunch accompanied with an equally sickening sight, and the filly was no more. At least, almost no more. She still had just enough life left to feel the pain of getting thrown into the machine. Then she was no more. This was accompanied by even more cracks and crunches, and then out of the color-stained pipes at the end came colored liquids, landing on a large conver belt and making a rainbow. When Ditzy looked at it, she may not have known what the other colors were, but now she definately knew where the red came from.

She tried to get the images out of her head, but every time she closed her eyes, Ditzy had the scene on replay. She felt dizzy, her stomach was feeling queasy, was swaying back and forth and covering her mouth in an attempt not to get sick from the event. She did

The Unicorn and Pegasus

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Ditzy looked around again, it was all a blur, the dark grim walls, the mucky floor, and the big machine with the pipes. There was on thing that wasn't blurred, that she could not forget. Those cold, heartless eyes. Those purple eyes, she used to love so much, those eyes that used to make her so happy, but know all she wanted to do was puke when she saw them.
Soon these big muscular pegasus and unicorns came up. They started to make the little foals get in a smaller crowd, they were threanting to hit them with anything they held in there hooves. Unfortunately, Ditzy hadn't noticed them. She had been sucked in the blur so much she hadn't seen them. A tall yellow unicorn and a red pegasus came up to her. The pegasus raised his hoof. He brought it down onto ditzy's face, it had hit her mouth. She coughed up blood and looked up partly dazed. She stood up wobbiling, her face full of fear. The unicorn's horn glowed a bright golden color. Ditzy looked down and relized she wasn't touching the ground. As soon as she had been levitated, she was let go by the magic, and slammed into the mucky floor. She opened her mouth to let out screams of agony, but no sound came out. She quickly shuffled into the now smaller crowd.