by DitzyDerperellaDoo

The Unicorn and Pegasus

Ditzy looked around again, it was all a blur, the dark grim walls, the mucky floor, and the big machine with the pipes. There was on thing that wasn't blurred, that she could not forget. Those cold, heartless eyes. Those purple eyes, she used to love so much, those eyes that used to make her so happy, but know all she wanted to do was puke when she saw them.
Soon these big muscular pegasus and unicorns came up. They started to make the little foals get in a smaller crowd, they were threanting to hit them with anything they held in there hooves. Unfortunately, Ditzy hadn't noticed them. She had been sucked in the blur so much she hadn't seen them. A tall yellow unicorn and a red pegasus came up to her. The pegasus raised his hoof. He brought it down onto ditzy's face, it had hit her mouth. She coughed up blood and looked up partly dazed. She stood up wobbiling, her face full of fear. The unicorn's horn glowed a bright golden color. Ditzy looked down and relized she wasn't touching the ground. As soon as she had been levitated, she was let go by the magic, and slammed into the mucky floor. She opened her mouth to let out screams of agony, but no sound came out. She quickly shuffled into the now smaller crowd.