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Sequel to "NOT A CHICKEN" · 7:32pm Dec 21st, 2013

Many Folks wanted a sequel to "NOT A CHICKEN", and I have an announcement, IT'S GONNA BE HERE IN TWO DAYS! Although who ever thought it was about Scootaloo is wrong, this time it is is your favorite Marshmellow.....
Drum roll please, Duh Duh Duh Duhhhhhhhhhh "NOT A MARSHMALLOW"

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I AM NOT A CHICKEN SEQUEL · 2:25am Jul 11th, 2013

Announcement, if I can get 10 plus followers and 200 views or close today and the wee hours of the morning (yes I had to say wee, wee wee :moustache: ) I will write an epilogue today and try to get it published today, but it may take awhile cause I will have to go find a pic. I will also post this on my blog.

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What story should I do next? · 11:04pm Mar 20th, 2013

Hey bannanas! Ditzys in the mailbox! So what story should I do next? Horror,sad,funny,romance,gore,sex, or crazy, or just all! You decide! Also tell me the characters I should do for the story you pick in the comments! Thanks!

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Dislikes!?!?! · 10:15pm Feb 25th, 2013

Hey I got two dislikes on my new story, did you even read Rainbow Tears...? and if your going to dislike my story, you should be man enough to leave a comment about why you didn't like it! I have shown this story to people before, and they loved it! So if your going to dislike my story, at least BE MAN ENOUGH TO LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL ME WHY!

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Why hello · 3:03am Jan 29th, 2013

Why hello, as you can see the name is Ditzy D. Doo, and your proboly going to be thinking my stories are just about Ditzy Doo (also known as derpy) but they are not, but they are proboly going to be mostly derpy, for know my first story will be on hold for I am going to try to work on Octavia Pie's Lie but everyonce and a while I may do a surprise update.

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