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This is the emotional tale of Bramley Apple, the father of Big Macintosh, Applejack, and Applebloom. He has returned to make amends with his family he abandoned over ten years ago. However, the sudden appearance comes to a total shock to the eldest sibling as he is resentful and determined not to accept his father's unexpected visit.

~ Kudos to Blaster Master for his assistance with the proofreading!

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After what had seemed like a lifetime of memories, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence had become best friends. But when Shining must leave an entire year for Royal Guard training in the West, he can't help but find a way to tell the filly how he's felt about her for years. How can one approach a topic without jeopardizing a cherished friendship? Can things ever be the same between the two again? But the one true question that wanders his mind: Does Cadence even feel the same way about him?

Inspired by Louis Armstrong's original song, and of course the connection between these two characters that holds their love in an everlasting bind of faithfulness, and passion.

Giving credit to jonhjoseco for the cover art. It was truly the perfect image to promote this story.Go see his deviantart at: http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/

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~ After many months of lost time and anxious readers...The story MUST...go on...
When Prince Blueblood is kidnapped and the University Dean is left for dead, Daring Do vows revenge against the killer. However, when she is sent incognito to the headquarters of a possible conspirator, she realizes it is all a part of something much deeper than petty ransom. She later crosses paths with the shadowy Mysterious Mare-Do-Well and together they will band to fight against a great threat that will affect not only the capital, but perhaps Equestria, and even the entire world...

Special thanks to my proofreader, Blaster Master and his keen eye.

Special thanks to fongsaunder for his cover image. If not for this awesome piece of art, this fan fic would not have been. (http://fongsaunder.deviantart.com/)

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Fluttershy offers to take Big Macintosh in for the night when he is seen walking home in a merciless blizzard. As the night rolls on, petty and friendly conversation turns into a deep, inner meaning for one another.

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CHAPTER 6 RELEASED! "Intuitive Espionage" ~ A tragic incident leads Twilight and Applejack on another dangerous adventure against a team of rouge assassins, and a money-hungry business tycoon as their leader who intends to use his vast amount of wealth to plant a bomb in the heart of Canterlot City in an attempt to assassinate Princess Luna and to unleash the ultimate economic plan. With help from two unexpected allies, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack must protect those who are targeted and eliminate their next vindictive adversary on her Majesty's Royal Guard.

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The fate of Equestria's future lies in Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dashes hooves as they try to thwart the plans of a rebellious syndicate leader who was exiled from Equestria years ago. The army of rebels use their leaders highly advanced technology to overturn Celestia's magic against her and plan to take Equestria for themselves. Will the girls save their land from an era of despair? Or have Twilight, AJ and Dash finally met their match?

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