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Fluttershy offers to take Big Macintosh in for the night when he is seen walking home in a merciless blizzard. As the night rolls on, petty and friendly conversation turns into a deep, inner meaning for one another.

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Comments ( 29 )

Nicely done.

Simple, direct, and heartfelt.

one of the best Fluttermac fics I've read:yay::eeyup:

D'AWWWWWWWW! This was nice reading. Make more FlutterMac.

this was very good:yay::eeyup: i think , they liked it i kow i did

Thanks for the comments :pinkiehappy: Means alot!

This was one of the few Big Macintosh - Fluttershy fics that does not involve clop. It had tender, sincere, heartfelt feelings. Nicely done, we need more fics like this a Fimfiction. :pinkiesad2:

Spellcheck is your friend. Just kidding. Although the story suffers some grammatical issues, it's still readable enough and the structure and focus isn't lost.

You have a wonderful grasp on the characters personas. Big Mac is more talkative, but chooses his words carefully, and his strong persona is expressed well with your adjective use. The story is cute, and only the tiniest bit sappy to tug at the reader's heart. The sad parts play a good role, and don't overshadow the present setting.

You've got the hardest parts down. You have great ideas, a wonderful grasp on language and variation, and you know how to create a setting and keep the readers focus. Aside from some grammar and spelling polishing, you've done superb.:yay::eeyup:

A very heartfelt FlutterMac, it was sort of confusing how she goes in a corner then comes back but it's all chill...I really enjoy this pair and yuor daing a very great job:raritystarry:


Bah! If you don't have at least one dislike - you're doing it wrong. :twilightsmile:

Seriously. You can't please everybody, so just accept that there are going to be some people who dislike whatever you write - no matter how well it is written or what the story is about.

I don't think there is a single story I've read that has had more than a hundred views without at LEAST one dislike...

I think that I've never felt so happy to give someone a "thumbs up" before. You've definitively earned it!

I can say that I almost shed a tear...:fluttercry:

Thanks for not including sexytimes. They always ruin the mood for me.
Dawww, they love each other. Wait, why- WHY! I THOUGHT THEY JUST MET! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?"

790199 Haha Yeah. I'm one of them people who highly disapprove of clopfics so you won't find ANY in my stories :ajsmug: It's unneeded, awkward, and just wrong.

Very good piece of Fluttermac here! I fatally d'awwwed. :yay::eeyup:

Have a stache. :moustache:

Just for the record, if no one knows what a "flanker" is. It's commonly known as a tiny burning ember off of a piece of burning wood where I come from :twilightblush:

I loved this story, it's so.... Romantic! :heart:

My favorite Apple Parents explanation.

:ajsmug: Things sure been diff'rent round here since we lost our parents!
:eeyup: Eeyup!
:twilightsheepish: Oh, I'm sorry, when did they die?
:applejackconfused: Dead? They ain't dead! We just lost 'em!
:twilightoops: If my parents had gone missing, I wouldn't stop looking for them!
:ajsmug: Ah said 'diff'rent'... not 'worse'.
:eeyup: Eeyup!

Seriously, though, I liked this story. You really caught Fluttershy's personality well - her quiet, gentle and nurturing spirit. I also liked how you gave Big Mac hidden depths.

1390965 Thanks :twilightblush: And thanks to all of you who liked, favorited and commented on this story. Means a lot to me. Especially after it was ripped to shreds by a pre-reader and reviewer at ponychan. I don't care what they say, my story is good to me, and apparently all of you as well. A millions thanks, or more so 1,091 thanks, and counting! :yay::eeyup:

and suddenly, I feel shot in the heart with a 22 feeling gun. :yay:+:eeyup: =:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

FlutterMac is always so warming to the soul! :yay::heart::eeyup:

I love FlutterMac so much, it's been my favorite OTP since hearing about them! :yay:+:eeyup: =:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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