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Syke Jr

Apathy is death.


Many things are better than a deathbed.

What if you could escape yours, if only for a day?

Entry into the Quills and Sofas ROB-pocalypse 2. Conceived and written in one hour.

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When an earth pony working as a trucker is fired for a fairly heinous mistake, her human friend cheers her up by showing her his decidedly smaller and faster vehicle.

This was my attempt to do two challenges at once!

Conceived and written in one hour for the Quills and Sofas Koren Kontest 2. The prompt was "hard to handle". It came third place!

I realised it was also an opportune time to also have a go at AdmiralBiscuit's Labour Day Challenge! I didn't actually have time to include any scenes of her actually trucking, like I wanted, but... how interesting could it be? She sits there, listens to podcasts and talks to her buddy. Earth pony stamina to stay awake. 'Nuff said.

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It is said that these forests are enchanted.

The deerfolk weave strange magic, magic that can bind, and trick, and mislead. But to a pony with a sixth sense for danger, the woods hold no terrors.

Perhaps it is not the deer's enchantments which present the real peril.

Entry into the fourth Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Conceived and written in one hour; the prompt was "trapped inside". Given two minutes of fixing post-contest to remove a confusing line.

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One mind.

One soul.

Two ponies.

Harmonious Twins, as siblings such as these are called, are usually some of the happiest in Equestria. Not in this case.

Does it have to be this way?

Second-place winner of the Quills and Sofas Thousand-Word Throwdown. The entry had to have exactly 1000 words, the prompt was "denied; intertwined". Use the alternate chapter if you experience formatting problems.

Title art by SiMonk0!

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There's a crisis going on at the School of Friendship.

It's not Twilight's main concern.

This was written purely to make fun of GaPJaxie for misusing "pouring/poring" in a chapter of the Starlight and Pals Magical Half Hour. It's pretty much a fan chapter for that fic. This was written with no planning, in about an hour and a half, and has had no meaningful editing, but that's what silly GlimGlam fics are all about.

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When the Lord of Chaos is finally defeated, the Chaos magic that kept the world breathing is gone from the aether. Seven vessels must step forth to claim the power only Chaos can bring, but there is a price for lack of spirit...

Written for GaPJaxie's Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Conceived and written in an hour.
Prompt: "The stars are gone."

The "full" version was finished with fifteen minutes overtime on top of the original hour, to better reflect what I set out to achieve.

The one-hour-hard-limit version was what was entered in the competition, and went to the semifinals.

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This story is a sequel to If I Saw You In Heaven

Silver Star has been avoiding me since he arrived in Equestria. It shouldn't bother me. It's not like I'm the only pony in town.

He seems to like talking to me online, though, when he doesn't know I'm the same pony he met the day he arrived. At some point, you wonder, what's that about?

This story is set in the Optimalverse, and I recommend reading Friendship is Optimal or alternatively this synopsis first.

Cover art by SiMonk0, who is awesome!

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I never expected I'd be able to convince my entire family to emigrate to Equestria. By the time it was inevitable, it was too late. He was gone.

Do I really believe that a godlike AI can bring my father back?

Do I really want it to?

It seems like a silly question. In a perfect world created by a literal god, why wouldn't you want to meet the loved ones you'd lost?

DISCLAIMER: This story is canon-compatible with the Optimalverse, and thus reading Friendship is Optimal, or alternatively this synopsis, is pretty much required to understand the setting.

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