• Published 12th Aug 2019
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The Horizon Behind Us - Syke Jr

Gingersnap has never had to fear death. But to ponies from the outer realm, death is a big deal.

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Chapter 3 - Games

I live above my studio. It's a small place, but I don't need a lot of room. With my bed wedged against the wall I can fit two fullsize desks into the corner, which is great for my computer setup. The Pegassist keyboard needs the space.

I chat with my various online friends mostly every night. Tonight the conversation in my wargaming group chat has turned to the pony I met at the full moon.

[noctoria]		and you haven't seen him since?

[Snaps]			Nope
[Snaps]			I saw him looking in the windows of my studio but he 
			didn't come in

[HyperRaid]		weird

[noctoria]		lol couldn't he see you in there

[Snaps]			I was upstairs not in the studio itself

[noctoria]		so what you think he's avoiding you or

[Snaps]			It seems like? But who knows

[HyperRaid]		otherworlders are just weird. It took forever for the one 
			in my neighborhood to, like, realize she could talk to us 
			and we'd talk back.

[noctoria]		that's manehattan though none of you talk to each 
			other over threer anyway
[noctoria]		there

[mane_of_snakes]	gottem

[HyperRaid]		we do so.

[Snaps]			This is different. Silver an I had a totally normal 
[Snaps]			Like, he seemed completely normal if you ignore the actual 
			words he said.

[mane_of_snakes]	there's no such thing as a 'totally normal conversation' 
			with a new immigrant

[Snaps]			Yeah but I mean I didn't get any of that "they think we're not 
			real" vibe ponies talk about

[noctoria]		so what even makes you think he's avoiding you? it's been like 
			a week

[Snaps]			It's been like two weeks but
[Snaps]			I know he's seen me around. Like he went to check out the 
			human section of the library, but then he saw me in there 
			and left right away.

[HyperRaid]		yeah that counts.
[HyperRaid]		sorry sis.

[mane_of_snakes]	he probably just doesn't want to talk to anypony.

I sigh. I have seen him talking to other ponies. The ponies who run the archery club, for one. The librarian for another, the time I was in the library and he didn't see me. I'm still reading human books, and was really looking forward to discussing them with an actual former human. This avoidance is just... odd.

[Snaps]			He was talking to the unicorns at the archery club. Laughing 
			and joking with them even

[noctoria]		oh so he's just racist

[HyperRaid]		lol

[mane_of_snakes]	definitely that's what it is.

[Snaps]			Yeah funny.

[magic_Jedi]		I don't think you should worry about it, Snaps
[magic_Jedi]		Ponies like him eventually come around. There's something the
			matter for sure but he'll get over it
[magic_Jedi]		I can guarantee it's nothing to do with you personally

Huh. Jedi is usually just a lurker. I've never spoken to him outside of game before.

[noctoria]		what makes you say that

[Snaps]			How do you know?

[magic_Jedi]		I just do.
[magic_Jedi]		Newly emigrated ponies have all sorts of weird issues.
[magic_Jedi]		I can't explain more without making guesses that might be 

[Snaps]			Then you can't really know he'll "come around"

[magic_Jedi]		I guess I can't, no.
[magic_Jedi]		But I'd bet a lot on it.
[magic_Jedi]		If it's really bothering you, confront him about it. He 
			sounds like a reasonable pony
[magic_Jedi]		He'll probably apologise and stop being weird.
[magic_Jedi]		Or at least try to stop being weird.

[Snaps]			It's not really bothering me. It's just confusing
[Snaps]			I've been reading all these human books and they make me think
			I'm missing something big and obvious.

[magic_Jedi]		Where are you at again?

[Snaps]			Newforest

[magic_Jedi]		Smallish town. I'm even more sure now. Celestia put Silver 
			there to ease him into the world.
[magic_Jedi]		Seriously don't worry about it. Talk to him or just wait for 
			him to talk to you. It won't be long I bet

[HyperRaid]		you have a lot of experience with otherworlders Jedi?

[magic_Jedi]		lol Yeah I do.

[noctoria]		what's the deal with the human books Snaps

[Snaps]			Oh I dunno they just make otherworld ponies seem irrational to
			the point of lunacy
[Snaps]			But in the books it somehow makes perfect sense?
[Snaps]			Hard to explain

[magic_Jedi]		Sounds about right.

Honestly, the human books are really fun to read. It's odd to read stories where violence is taken for granted, among other things. They just always make me feel like I'm not quite getting it. Which is exactly how talking to Silver felt.

[magic_Jedi]		Had you read anything with permadeath in it before now?

[HyperRaid]		I hate permadeath stories

[Snaps]			Yeah, quite a few.

[magic_Jedi]		Well that's something at least. Keep in mind Silver's probably 
			lost a lot of ponies close to him.
[magic_Jedi]		Everypony from the outer realm has.

[mane_of_snakes]	hang on the outer realm is actually real life permadeath?

[magic_Jedi]		Yes?
[magic_Jedi]		Do some ponies really not get that?

[mane_of_snakes]	are you for real? Like really?
[mane_of_snakes]	I swear to Celestia I thought that was just a meme

[noctoria]		snakes youre joking right
[noctoria]		do you know any history like at all

[HyperRaid]		snakes you're a moron

[Snaps]			That's seriously basic knowledge m8

[mane_of_snakes]	I'm not a bucking historian

[noctoria]		well go to wikiponia and educate urself

[mane_of_snakes]	no thanks

[magic_Jedi]		Yeah that's something that irritates us. lol

[Snaps]			Us?

[magic_Jedi]		immigrants


[noctoria]		u for real?

[mane_of_snakes]	oh buck really? You an otherworlder Jedi?

[noctoria]		shit why did I not know that

[magic_Jedi]		Never asked.

[noctoria]		never thought to

[HyperRaid]		this is wild. you should have told us

[magic_Jedi]		I don't have to tell you everything
[magic_Jedi]		..I don't have to tell you anything!

[noctoria]		aight chill

[magic_Jedi]		No, that was
[magic_Jedi]		Nevermind. Inside joke

[Snaps]			So you really think you get why Silver's being weird?

[magic_Jedi]		Yeah I do, but ask him yourself.

[Snaps]			Yeah. I guess

[HyperRaid]		wait we're all online why are we not ingame?

[noctoria]		we're not all online

[HyperRaid]		enough for a five-pony
[HyperRaid]		two rounds?

[mane_of_snakes]	I'm in

[magic_Jedi]		Sure

[noctoria]		buck now we know why jedi is so good at wargames
[noctoria]		former human op

[magic_Jedi]		Shit, my secret advantage

[Snaps]			I'm not playing tonight.
[Snaps]			You can do a four-pony

[mane_of_snakes]	if we're doing a fourpony we need at least three rounds

[noctoria]		just do a full game

[mane_of_snakes]	what, full seven?

[noctoria]		yeah

[HyperRaid]		Buck yes

[magic_Jedi]		Sure

[Snaps]			Alright. See you pones later.

[noctoria]		bye

[HyperRaid]		see you Snaps

[Snaps]			Thank you Jedi, seriously
[Snaps]			Advice helped.

[magic_Jedi]		Glad to hear it.
[magic_Jedi]		Ask me anything later on if you need to.
[magic_Jedi]		in private

[Snaps]			Will do.

***you are now set to AFK

I stretch my wings. Typing on a Pegassist can lead to bad cramps if I'm not careful. But I do feel better for the talk. I've been trying not to think about Silver, but it's not like anything else new is going on around here.

I know I've seen his mother around, too. She's undoubtedly the blue pegasus with the odd Canterlot accent; I'd never seen her in town before the immigrants moved in. She's incredibly friendly, though I haven't had occassion to talk to her, nor the desire to undermine Silver's apparent wish for distance. Her mane is a similar colour to mine, red and light pink. She seems to really relish flying. I've taken a couple of photos of her, clearly beaming at the open sky even from a distance.

I sigh, but not unhappily.

I check a couple other group chats. Nothing, memes, nothing interesting... then something that stops me dead in the Newforest tabletop chat.

[Vagrantsword]		no, we decided not to allow enchantment stacking
[Vagrantsword]		gets too overpowered at the third level

[clo]			Ugh. I might need to reroll then
[clo]			we should really figure out these rules before we roll chars

[Vagrantsword]		I know but K didn't realise until yesterday so

***Ganelon has joined the chat. Say hi!

[Vagrantsword]		ho there!

[clo]			hey

[Ganelon]		Hi
[Ganelon]		I'm thinking of getting into the DnD type scene
[Ganelon]		This is the place, right?

[Vagrantsword]		"DnD"?
[Vagrantsword]		Are you from the outer realm?

[Ganelon]		Man does that seem to come out as soon as I start
			talking to a pony lol
[Ganelon]		Yeah, I just moved in
[Ganelon]		this is the Newforest chat right? For tabletop gaming?

[Vagrantsword]		that's us mate
[Vagrantsword]		exciting to have you here

I can't help but agree. This must be Silver—or his brother. But I gathered that his brother wasn't the type to be into tabletop gaming from what little Silver said of him.

[clo]			yeah, Welcome

[Ganelon]		thanks.
[Ganelon]		so you know what I mean by DnD? You have an analogue 
			here right?

[clo]			we have a bunch

[Vagrantsword]		There are plenty of games like what you're imagining, yeah. We 
			were just getting a new one ready, actually. Our 
			friend K is running it
[Vagrantsword]		There might be time to get in on it if you move quick

[Ganelon]		Maybe. how quick woudl I need to be?

[Vagrantsword]		dunno, wait till K gets on
[Vagrantsword]		Killgrad that is
[Vagrantsword]		ask him

[clo]			we won't be meeting up for a little while, K can deal with a 
[clo]			especially if we have to bucking reroll everyone anyway

[Ganelon]		I might hang about a bit first
[Ganelon]		If you can send me the resources to the game I can get to 

[clo]			only K can share the docs

[Vagrantsword]		we use EqQ to co-ordinate
[Vagrantsword]		EquestriaQuests
[Vagrantsword]		make an account on there and then K can add you to the game

[Ganelon]		got it.

***you are no longer AFK

[TeaMistress]		Hey there!

Right. Forgot that my username was different in this group. He won't know it's me.

[Ganelon]		heyo.
[Ganelon]		happy to meet all of you.
[Ganelon]		where do you meet?

I start to type out a message telling him who I am, but stop.

What if that chases him away?

[Vagrantsword]		in a pub
[Vagrantsword]		the Silver Sword

[Ganelon]		....bucking hell

[Vagrantsword]		?

[clo]			?

[Ganelon]		don't worry about it. crazy coincidence is all

[Vagrantsword]		how so

[Ganelon]		don't worry inside joke I guess

[TeaMistress]		Otherworlders have a lot of those, it seems

[Ganelon]		haha how many do you know?

[TeaMistress]		A couple.

It's technically true.

[Ganelon]		well anyway. I look forward to getting to know you lot
[Ganelon]		btw do I call you Tea? or Mistress?

[TeaMistress]		lol. Tea please.
[TeaMistress]		let's keep it pg

[Ganelon]		PG Tips?


[TeaMistress]		What?

[Ganelon]		another inside joke sorry

[clo]			never played games with an immigrant
[clo]			should be interesting

[Ganelon]		can't wait to disappoint
[Ganelon]		I'm not interesting lol

Maybe from his point of view.

[TeaMistress]		We'll be the judges of that.