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  • 12 weeks
    Shady's 2022 fimfiction recap

    Somehow, I managed to survive another year and I’m about to make it everypony’s problem. Thaaaat’s right! I’m back and better than ever! Well, maybe not better, but definitely older. Here’s everything I read in 2022! Just like last time, I’ll only be including stuff that’s 25k words or more because I would like to enjoy my New Year’s and I can only squeee about my favorite fics for so long. :P

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  • 64 weeks
    Shady's 2021 fimfiction recap

    Hiya! It'd be pretty cool if someone actually sees this haha. Anyways, here's a recap of everything I've read in 2021. I'll talk a bit about each fic and try to rate them. I read a lot this year so I'll only include fanfics that are 25k words or over because I don't feel like typing out and rating 60 fics haha.

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Hahahha, I feel ya on that one. I'm also trying to finish Austraeoh and Fallout simultaneously while still reading other shorter fics here and there... It's a wild ride.

Sigh... And the reading list just gets bigger and bigger. I've almost finished reading Starlight Over Detrot, and my brother really wants me to read Fallout: Equestria, so it will definitely be a bit before I can get to Appledashery vol. 2. Maybe a reread of the first one is in order haha

I highly recommend it! There's some big reveals and hard-hitting scenes you don't wanna miss, and some of them may even change your perception of the first volume.

Hiya! Thanks for the follow! Appledashery has got to be one of my favorite fanfics on here right next to Starlight Over Detrot. I haven't read Appledashery 2 yet because it appears to be dead. If you have read it, do you recommend I read up to the current chapter anyways?


Greetings, Reader of Appledashery
You've earned yourself an automatic follow :pinkiecrazy:

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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