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Pinkie Pie receives super powers, and learns what it means to be a hero.

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(The third installment of the Laughing Stock series)

After a year of marriage, Twilight Sparkle and Laughing Stock feel they are ready to face any challenge life may throw at them...except parenthood. With eleven months until delivery day , can the young couple prepare themselves for their foal, and manage to keep their relationship intact?

Special thanks to Georg and Wildberk for proofreading/editing, and to Silver Tongue for the art!

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Sometimes, a simple remark is all it takes to cause a rift in a happy relationship. The marriage of Laughing Stock and Twilight Sparkle is no exception. After a heated debate over whose job is easier, the two ponies find themselves walking in each others horseshoes. For one day, Laughing Stock must run the library without assistance from his wife, and Twilight Sparkle must deliver a standup comedy performance, composed of jokes she has written herself. Will the young couple gain a new respect for one another?

Probably not.

(This story is a continuation of my Laughing Stock series, What is Fame Without Friendship? and
Her Big Brother, His Big Problem. Special thanks to HoovesLikeJagger for another fantastic work of art, and wildberk for his editing/proofreading skills.)

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(This is the result of my one hour writing challenge...inspired by an episode of Days of Our Lives. If you are unfamiliar with Laughing Stock, take a look at his other stories.)

Twilight Sparkle catches her husband Laughing Stock cheating...pretty self explanatory.

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(Based on the song, "The Shark Fighter!" by the Aquabats. Special thanks to Lake for the awesome cover art, and wildberk for editing/proofreading.)

Mayor Mare learns that a shark is driving fear into the hearts of her citizens. Desperate for a solution, she hires a stallion simply known as the Shark Fighter to dispose of the beast. Upon his arrival, the stallion quickly discovers the deadly creature won't be the only thing on his mind.

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(This is a sequel to my first story, "What is Fame without Friendship?" Special thanks to wildberk for editing this story, and HoovesLikeJagger for the awesome cover art!)

After being together for a year, Laughing Stock is ready to propose to his girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle. The only problem: Her brother, Shining Armor doesn't think the comedian is the right stallion for his sister. Laughing Stock is willing to do anything he can to prove he is the perfect stallion for Twilight, even if it means spending a week in a cabin with the Royal Family.

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Laughing Stock is a standup comedian from Canterlot who is having a difficult time with life as of late. He hops on a train to Ponyville in hopes that small town life will help him get a better perspective on things. During the journey, he meets a mare who offers to help him find what he is looking for and some things that he doesn't expect to find. During his trip, he realizes that while accomplishing your dreams is a fantastic feat, having nopony to share them with makes life's long journey pointless.

Special thanks to Golden Hoof and wildberk for helping me with this beast!

Another special thanks goes out to HoovesLikeJagger for the fantastic artwork!

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